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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Preparing for the HCG diet is fun and also a learning process. It will prepare your mind and body to get to the learning process. Your preparation must be full of plans and realistic goals. Preparation for the VLCD happens most on Phase 1 or even before that. You do not only need to prepare physically to lose weight but also in the mental aspect. This is because your mindset and mentality will play an important role in reaching your weight loss goal.

In phase 1, your body is primed for the lower-calorie diet. This phase will last for 2 days. This is the intense loading of various foods such as fatty foods. The purpose of the loading is to prepare your fat stores for the VLCD. Focus on lading to foods that are loaded with healthy fats. You can eat whenever you want and as many as you can. However, do not eat foods until you get sick. The more you eat fatty and high protein foods the more you get your chance to succeed on the VLCD.

You also need to visit a medical doctor before starting the HCG diet. This is to help you in assessing your body for the entire duration. The medical check-up will give a go signal if you are ready to lose weight. Do not do the HCG diet if you have life-threatening diseases.

What is the mental preparation for the HCG diet?

The mental preparation is a way of setting your mind for weight loss. Mental preparation develops your mind to help in controlling your food intake. This is also where your motivation is planted. You have to fully prepare your mind for weight loss to be able to counter any weight loss failures. You have to create a clear goal in your mind why you want to lose weight. Mental preparation is a healthy way if preparing for the weight loss process.

The 10 ways to prepare for the VLCD of the HCG diet

#1 – Start weighing yourself and set a date to start the diet

Weighing is important before starting the HCG diet. It will help you determine your weight loss goal. You will also be charting your progress along the way. It will keep you stay motivated along the way. Weighing is a healthy habit of tracking your weight loss. It keeps you motivated on the days that you feel like stopping. You also have to consider taking before and after photos to be able to enjoy the result. You also have to set a date to start your weight loss process.  

#2- Take a before and after measurement

You can do this on the morning of your first day on the VLCD. This will help you in starting to track the onset result of your diet. You can provide a measuring tape to measure every spot. It will help in documenting your progress. The daily result of your progress helps you boost your motivation during the HCG diet. You will also need a weighing scale and food scale. The weighing scale will help you track your progress. The food scale is very useful because you need to weight every food choice before cooking. The food scale is also used to measure the exact food portion.

#3- Make sure to avail the right HCG supplies

Be careful with the fraud products in the market. Purchase the original diet hormones to save money and effort. Remember that you can only reach your weight loss through the help of HCG. Purchase your HCG supply ahead of time to be able to avoid a delay of weight loss. You also need to purchase a new set of skincare products. This is because you are not allowed to use oil-based cosmetics. The allowed skincare products and cosmetics during the HCG diet are water-based.

#4- Make a shopping list of the HCG phase 2

You have to make a brief list of the food list before starting phase 2. You have to stock enough foods in your storage that you can have for the duration of your VLCD. Be familiar with the foods on phase 2 check the food list and keep your copy of the shopping list. Do not go on a grocery shopping when you are hungry because it might lead you to eat unhealthy foods.

#5- Create a healthy meal plan/menu

The healthy meal plan helps you in reaching your weight loss goal. Create a healthy meal plan that includes healthy food choices. Plan properly your meal to have the right amount of calories. Fit into the 500 calorie diet daily. Creating a meal plan ahead of time will help you enjoy your foods. Your meal plan menu must have the entire food portion that you need to lose weight.

#6- Throw away the junk foods in your storage

HCG diet is the perfect time to clean your cupboards of unhealthy foods. This is to keep you out of food temptations. Clean out your storage from processed foods such as junk foods and unhealthy drinks. Replace it with fresh fruits and vegetables. The highly processed foods are the main contributors to weight gain. The healthy food choices help you to stay on track of your diet.

#7- Prepare your meal ahead of time

Prepare your meal ahead of time to avoid prolonged hunger. A prolonged hunger will result in emotional hunger or cravings. You can also have fruits as easy to grab a snack. Make sure to prepare a 500 calorie meal that you can eat for the entire day. You can also split it into 5 portions and come out 100 calories in each serving.

Few helpful tips to in preparing for the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Choose foods that have high nutritional value
  • Keep a grab and go foods in your bag if you go somewhere
  • Create a shopping list to support your weight loss goal
  • Provide a weight loss journal