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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Fruits are helpful in regulating your blood pressure and sugar levels. It has the exact amount of fiber that helps in digestion and distribution of nutrients. Each fruit choices on your HCG food list have phytonutrients that are needed for your body during weight loss.  It also increases the good bacteria that will help in proper metabolism. Your fruits choices on your HCG diet are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are able to fight diseases. Your HCG fruits choices are also anti-aging.

What are the acceptable fruits on the HCG diet?

  • Apple– this fruit is rich in cancer-fighting properties. It is also helpful in lowering the risk of hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes. You can have one apple fruits for your HCG snack.
  • Grapefruit– This is great in boosting your immune system. It is also rich in lycopene that is able to fight against cancer. Grapefruits are also able to help in lowering your cholesterol level.
  • Oranges– These are a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Thus, prevents your body from getting obese because it is low in glycemic index. Oranges also help in controlling the blood sugar levels. It also maintains your skin health during rapid weight loss.
  • Lemon– It promotes your hydration and it is also a great source of vitamin C. Lemon supports your HCG diet and it aids in your digestion process. Lemon is known to be a cleanser. It is responsible for cleaning your kidney and prevents kidney stones.
  • Strawberry – Strawberries has antioxidants that will help you against free radicals. It has antimicrobial effects and supports heart health. Strawberries are helpful in managing your weight during HCG diet.
  • Blackberries– Blackberries are packed with vitamin C and high in manganese. Blackberries are responsible for boosting your brain health. This is helpful in dealing with stress during your HCG diet. These are also high in fiber that is helpful during metabolism.
  • Apricots– These are low in calories and it is very hydrating. Apricots maintain your gut and eye health. These are also high in potassium. You can enjoy apricots during your Phase 3 of HCG diet.

Losing weight with HCG diet will help in promoting a healthy body. This is attained with the help of healthy food choices such as fruits. These are helpful in keeping your stomach full. The fruit choices are also helpful in controlling your intake of calories on your weight loss. Maintain your proper loading of fruits for greater success of your weight loss.