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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The P3 is the time to prepare and teach your body to successfully maintain weight. Phase 3 is a sensitive part of the HCG diet. You will be introducing back more food choices without causing weight gain. Every food that you are going to load must not be stored as body fats. There must be a gradual loading of more food choices. Gradual loading will allow your body to take enough time for digestion. Load up slowly especially if you have just started Phase 3 of the HCG diet.

Your main goal is to stabilize your weight loss while adding more foods. This is an independent loading. This is because you are already free from a very low-calorie diet.  P3 is also the time where the remaining HCG will slowly depart from your body. The stabilization phase is when you have reached your weight loss goal. This means that you do not lose more weight.

Phase 3 is an open door for you to have a new set point on your weight loss. The purpose of this phase is to prepare your body for Phase 4. The stabilization phase is preparing your body to maintain your weight loss forever. Your brain will also reset your metabolism to normal. You can eat more foods except for sugar, carbs and other unhealthy foods.

Tips on P3 of the HCG diet

  • Avoid various kinds of sugar, starch, and unhealthy food items
  • Do not load on fats, alcohol or other hydrogenated oils
  • Avoid eating too much or lesser calories
  • Do not deprive yourself of eating more foods
  • Stay on your diet track until you reach P4
  • Focus on eating fiber and protein
  • Do not forget to read food labels

Introducing more foods during P3 of the HCG diet

  • Be aware of your indulgences

Phase 3 is not a time for feasting. You are not allowed to eat too much food to satisfy food cravings. Indulgences make you gain more weight. This will eventually cause slip during the HCG diet. The food indulgences will silently kill your weight loss process. This is because of the number of calories you have loaded. It can also cause an adverse effect on your health. Food indulgences are unhealthy because of the large number of food ingredients and unwanted nutrients.

  • Maintain your mindfulness

Mindfulness is allowing your body and mind to work as one for your weight loss. It allows you to safely determine the right response towards physical and emotional hunger. Mindfulness is having your presence of mind especially on eating foods. It can also help in monitoring your weight loss and it allows you to develop your focus on one thing. Mindfulness prevents you from the effect of your food indulgences. Being mindful as well helps you find solutions right away in case you gain weight.

  • Track your progress

Continuous weight loss is also possible during Phase 3. Continue monitoring your progress for weight stabilization. Make sure that you can do something in case of weight gain. Track every single food that you will be loading because you still have to control your intake of calories. The best tracking tip on your weight loss is to provide a weight loss journal. List down all the foods that you will be eating and also daily weigh in on your diet journal.

What are the foods allowed on P3 of the HCG diet?

  • Eggs– It is a good source of vitamin B2, B6, D, and B12. It has a high quality of zinc, iron, and copper. The most known nutrient you can get from an egg is protein. This is very important during weight loss maintenance. It controls your hunger and keeps your stomach full. The protein content of egg maintains your bone and muscle health.
  • Crabmeat- crab meat has phosphorus that helps in bone growth. Crabs have fatty acids that maintain cardiovascular health. It takes off high-cholesterol levels and it detoxifies your body from unhealthy fats. Crabmeat also raises your immunity and inflammatory defense system. It clears your neural pathways and improves focus.
  • Avocado– It contains more potassium than bananas which makes it incredibly nutritious. Avocados have high-quality levels of fatty acids and fiber. Fatty acids help boost your brain. It maintains your cardiovascular health. The fiber content helps you maintain your fullness. This will prevent cravings and hunger until your next meal. Avocado as well promotes healthy metabolism as it lowers the cholesterol levels. Avocado as well as bonus health benefits for your eyes. This is because of its high levels of antioxidants.
  • Coconut oil- Coconut oil is safe oil you can have for weight loss maintenance. It burns belly fats and increases your HDL cholesterol levels. Coconut oil can supply energy for your body. It can also improve better brain function and fights against bacteria and fungi. Proper brain function is important to maintain your mindfulness during the HCG diet.
  • Mushroom– It has vitamin B, copper, potassium and selenium. Mushroom is rich in antioxidants that protect your overall health. It is packed with nutritional values such as fiber and protein. The fiber content is highly beneficial for your HCG diet. Mushroom has essential vitamin such as vitamin D.
  • All cuts of pork, beef, and pork meat except fats- Lean meats are high in protein that helps in preventing bone and muscle loss. All cuts of meat can keep your feeling of fullness. These lean meats are popular aid for a low-calorie diet. This is because it has low calorie and it also prevents hunger pain. Lean meat as well takes off high-stress levels. Thus, helps ease anxiety and other symptoms. However, you have to be watchful in your meat intake. Make sure that you take off all the visible fats before cooking.
  • Seeds and nuts– these are allowed in moderation during your weight loss maintenance. Seeds and nuts aids in lowering high-stress levels that ruins your focus on the HCG diet. Nuts can stimulate your body t to promote the burning of excess fats. It is also helpful in keeping your body full and prevents cravings from coming.