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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet is created and well-planned by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. The HCG protocol is carefully designed for rapid weight loss. It is a weight loss regimen that does not require too much of your energy to lose weight. HCG diet comes with a protocol to follow for greater weight loss. The diet protocol itself will help you with your weight loss process.

The HCG diet is not only about the weight loss hormones. It is also about stopping unhealthy habits such as overindulgence to unhealthy foods. The healthy weight loss will take place as soon as you start administering the HCG injection. This is along with healthy eating on proper food choices. The food items during your HCG diet can help you lose even more weight and maintain a healthy body.

You will start to experience the benefits of the HCG diet as soon as you start the VLCD. The VLCD is known as the heart of the HCG diet. You will be cutting down your intake of calories according to the condition of the HCG diet. You have to cut down your intake of calories and accompany it with your HCG shot.  Physical and mental preparation is needed to reach your weight loss goal. The VLCD will help you live and embrace a new lifestyle that you can use even after weight loss.

Keep in mind that the HCG will lower your appetite and curbs hunger. This is the reason why you will not feel any hunger during the VLCD. You may normally feel the hunger in the first few days however it will just stop right away. The HCG will use your burned fats as a source of energy instead of getting from the foods you eat. It is important to know that VLCD is only allowed with the presence of the diet hormones in your body.

The benefits of HCG for safe weight loss

  • Has great results with fat burning and maintains your muscle

It does not just burn fats but it also protects your muscle mass from damaging. The HCG only acts directly to the stored fats in the unreached areas of your body. Thus, maintains the firmness and health of your muscle. The HCG will target the fats that are covering your muscles.

  • It is natural and organic

The diet hormone alone is natural. The weight loss hormone comes from the placenta of a pregnant woman. The foods are also organic and fresh. You are not allowed to have processed food products on your meal. Processed foods are the main cause of why you constantly gain weight. Load more on natural products such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and healthy seafood. Loading on natural products can help you embrace a healthy lifestyle.

  • Energy Increase

Most of the weight loss regimen today lead you to suffer a lack of energy. Thus, it creates exhaustion, irritability, fatigue, and hunger. However, the HCG diet works in the opposite way. HCG allows your body to release adipose fats. It will eventually turn into the most valuable energy that your body needs during the VLCD. This is the reason why you have enough energy even during the very low-calorie diet.

  • HCG diet gives you a big break

This allows you to have a break from constant loading and receiving unhealthy effects of food ingredients. It will renew your health and weight. It will also promote cleansing and revival of your body tissues through weight loss. The eating style during your HCG diet will help you change your wrong perception towards food. Thus, helps you to be an effective dieter and teach you to successfully reach your weight loss goal.

  • Improved Metabolic Function

The cutting of caloric intake causes hunger and weakness. It slows down your metabolism and other bodily functions. However, on the HCG diet, these common effects will be curbed. The HCG diet achieves the opposite by sending signals in your body. It allows your body to use fat reserves as a source of energy. This will eventually lead to speeding up the metabolic rate.

The benefits of VLCD during the HCG diet

The VLCD seems a bit intimidating especially if you are a first-time dieter. However, you will get used to this as soon as you adjust to it. The HCG will help your body resetting. It will adjust your brain to signal a high metabolic rate for faster weight loss. It will adjust your body to any physical or psychological effect of the cut down of the intake of calories.

  • VLCD is responsible for detoxifying the body

The VLCD allows body cleansing from all the toxins that the unhealthy foods brought in your body. Load more on the foods that are rich in nutrients. Take off the unhealthy and chemically processed foods that lower your stress levels. The detoxification will clean not just your fats stores but also your blood from high cholesterol levels.

  • It stops your body from having too many calories

Say goodbye to the foods that have high calories such as processed meats. You also have to take off junk foods, sugary foods, and foods that have high carbohydrates. Sugar and carbs have a high level of calories which can cause weight gain. Give your body a break by eating the foods that are allowed only during the VLCD.

  • VLCD provides high nutrition during fat burning

 It is not about how many calories you eat but on the quality of the calories. VLCD is fine during your HCG diet because it allows the nutrients that are needed to achieve a healthy body. VLCD does not compromise your health and your whole being.

  • It controls the synthesis of glucose and controls blood pressure

The VLCD during your HCG diet can help in lowering blood sugar levels. It controls and prevents your body from storing glucose and producing fats. The remaining glucose in your fat stores will be used by HCG as an energy source. The VLCD allows you to eat the foods that are needed for weight loss. It takes off the foods that cause high blood pressure.