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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


This is an interesting topic to describe. Is alcohol safe for the HCG diet? Let me start this article by saying a big NO! It has too many calories. It is not worth it of the diet. We are doing the diet to minimize the caloric intake. Therefore, alcohol is not allowed in doing a diet. You will be loading on calories that can be stored as fat. Even diet cokes and juices must be avoided during the diet. The reason for this is to stop the pancreas for releasing carbs. This is why you have to break your habit of taking alcohol. This affects the insulin in the body. In short, you need to stay away from all these products. Stopping alcohol means avoiding adding up calories in the body.

The effects of Alcohol I the diet

  • It stimulates appetite- This can make your food portion hard. It is because it raises the appetite or ability of the body to eat more. This makes you hungrier. Alcohol can cause a hard time in controlling hunger pains. This eventually led to overeating. Alcohol is also taken along with unhealthy snacks. It will totally ruin the HCG diet and the work of the HCG Injections.
  • Lowers Metabolism- The body will use alcohol as the source of fuel. The protein and carbs will eventually turn into fats. This is because the alcohol stops the fat burning and affects normal metabolism.
  • It affects the ability to sleep- It causes less sleeping time. It contributes to weight gain. HCG does not advise this. Good sleep is vital in the body for the rest of the organs. It also helps the body in proper metabolism. Alcohol can trigger cravings and totally put the body at risk. However, there are some alcohols that are allowed in the diet. But, they must be taken in moderation.

Alcohol and VLCD

Choosing the right alcohol in VLCD is a smart tip. Think of your weight loss goals and health. You have some alcohol options for this. Take note that it must be taken in MODERATION. The alcohol options are Rum, Tequila, White and red wine. You are allowed to have 2 to 3 glass of these a week. Permitted options are vodka and juice.

Alcohols are addictive which is not really healthy. They are not good for the liver and may affect their health. The liver detoxifies the alcohol and it will fail to help in burning fats. This is why you must be very careful and wise in taking alcohol. It is better to avoid these on a diet. Things you must avoid are:

Gin- Some of the gins are grain-based which means it is not good. Bourbon is also not allowed in the HCG diet.

Beer- They rank as the most caloric drink. Beer can compromise the meal and causes deficiency.