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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The baby weights are usually after giving birth. Carrying the baby weights is somehow challenging. However, you will be set free by the HCG diet. You can go back to your desired shape after pregnancy. You can do the HCG diet if you are not breastfeeding. Make sure that you are not suffering from diseases. If your body is healthy, you can start the HCG diet as soon as possible. You can start it after six weeks if you are done with your medical check-up. Do not do the HCG diet if you are breastfeeding. It is not a good idea to breastfeed a baby and you are still having the HCG injections. Wait until the baby is already allowed to eat solid foods. The diet itself may bring an effect to the milk and energy if you do it along with breastfeeding.

You can lose weight fast if you are not overweight before pregnancy. Those who are overweight before pregnancy may take longer to lose weight. However, the HCG diet will make weight loss fast. This is because the HCG diet hormone is capable of rapid weight loss. This is accompanied by a VLCD. The diet plan will be change based on the state of the dieter. You have to load on fatty foods such as foods that are rich in omega-3. Load more on superfoods before starting Phase 2. On phase 2 or the VLCD, you are equally allowed to have 500 calories each day. Avoid processed foods so that there will be no weight loss delay in the VLCD.

Eat the foods that are healthy for your body as well as for the baby. If you are still breastfeeding, you can add at least 200 to 300 calories in your daily meal. You still have to do what is given in the diet protocol. Weight every morning and make sure to eat the required calorie every day. Do not skip meals and do not skip any dose of the HCG diet hormones. Starting the HCG diet after pregnancy is like starting the normal way of the HCG diet. You still have to go through the loading phase, VLCD, stabilization and weight maintenance. But, you have to be extra careful on dieting especially if you are breastfeeding. Load more on whole and fresh foods. be watchful on the cosmetics and other products that you are using. Stick t the HCG diet track as much as possible.