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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


A good diet is important for our health. It helps us with our best. What if we are not in a good health? What if we are not doing a good diet? For these questions, our diet must be safe. It must contain a variety of natural product and nutrients. Our diet protocol must be safe and well planned.

What do you need for a healthy diet plan?

You need an HCG injections. This is a natural substance that is from a pregnant woman. An HCG hormone is developed by Doctor A.T.W Simeons for weight loss. HCG boost metabolism. Thus, helps in losing large amounts of fats. It works by programming the brain. It uses fat stores as an energy source as it burns fast. HCG does not make you feel any hunger pangs at all. HCG hormones work along with a VLCD.

HCG has a protocol to follow. This is an easy and healthy protocol. It is also proven for years of effectiveness. HCG has been helping overweight and obese people. How much do you need for a healthy diet? Well, you only need your determination. Over thousands of adults in the US are obese. Childhood obesity is also their major concern. Obesity has a large risk of getting illnesses. This is why HCG diet came to help. This will show you the role of proper diet for health.

Why choose HCG for a balanced diet?

HCG mainly promotes balance hcg diet and rapid weight loss. The HCG protocol is inspired by healthy meal loading. It improves metabolic function than other diet programs. It instructs the body to use fat reserves for speeding the metabolism. HCG can provide better endurance as it takes away unhealthy fats.

The HCG diet food list:


  • Lettuce, beet greens, spinach
  • Cabbage, chard, onion
  • Tomatoes, Fennel, cucumber
  • Radish, celery, Asparagus


  • Strawberries, black and blueberries
  • Grapefruit, lemon
  • Apple, oranges


  • Whitefish, lobster
  • Crab, shrimp
  • Lean beef and chicken

Trim down the fats and skin of the meat before cooking.

Drink and Others:

  • Bottled water, Herbal tea
  • Melba toast, sugarless gum
  • Stevia as sweetener
  • Mustard, apple cider
  • Natural spice, salt

HCG will make you see an amazing result. It shows how your body gets used to the foods. You will look great and feel great with HCG. As you load on HCG balance food, you start to free yourself. You will be free from an unhealthy lifestyle. HCG will be your path to health wellness. Healthy eating habits will be developed. Overall, HCG is good in preserving and giving longevity in life. It increases energy and used the fats as a source. This is a healthy weight reduction protocol. HCG works all over our body system.