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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Calorie restriction can counter aging. It delays the onset of the effect of aging in your physical aspect. However, calorie restriction is not only about reversing aging. This also plays a big role in weight loss. The VLCD plays a big role during the HCG diet. Calorie restriction means reducing average daily caloric intake. This is to help adjust your habitual intake of calories that causes you to gain weight. VLCD on the HCG diet is done without malnutrition or deprivation of essential nutrients.

The excess calorie intake can cause your bloodstream to be horribly flooded with glucose, fat, and cholesterol. It also increases other inflammatory inducers. This leads to stroke, heart attack, senility, painful inflammation, and even cancer. Excess calories can cause some of these genes to turn against us. Thus, contributes to faster aging and death. Controlling our intake of calories through the HCG diet can boost longevity and a healthy body.

Why the 500 calorie diet on the HCG diet?

The HCG shots cause your hypothalamus to organize the fat out of the fat storage locations. This makes the fats available for use. During the consumption of 500 calories, your hypothalamus will continue to release the fat stored in your body. This makes your body operates a thousand calories a day. This is why a 500 calorie food intake a day is safe during the VLCD. You do not have to worry about your energy for the entire day. This is because the burned fats will serve as your energy source. You will not feel any fatigue, hunger, and cravings during Phase 2.

Clean eating tips to lower your calorie intake on the HCG diet

  • Ditch the Sugar

You do not just have to cut your intake of carbs but also with sugar. Sugar and carbs are not allowed in the entire duration of the HCG diet. Added sugars wreak havoc on body health and interfere with the weight loss process. Too much sugar also overloads the digestive tract. It affects your pancreas and liver and may weaken your immune system. You must abandon food and drink that has sugar added to it. If you have a sweet tooth you can use substitutes to deal with your sugar cravings. You can eat fresh fruits or use stevia instead of having sugar.

  • Avoid Fad Foods

What are the fad foods? These are the foods that mislead you during weight loss. The fad foods that are not allowed are protein bars and shakes that are said to speed up the weight loss. These fad foods are often processed foods loaded with artificial sweeteners and extra sugar. It also has preservatives that make them more appealing to your taste buds. This is a hidden trap that can ruin your clean eating plans.

  • Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices

One easy change you can make is to eliminate your intake of flavored juices and beverages. This means that you have to take off the liquid sugar calories during the HCG diet. You have to stop drinking fruit juices, sodas, chocolate drinks, weight loss soda, and energy drinks. Your brain doesn’t register liquid calories in the same way as it registers solid calories. It is the reason why you gain weight rapidly because of liquid calories. Do not drink any kind or amount of these unhealthy beverages.

  • Drink more water

One step to help in losing weight is to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps you burn calories per minute. Drinking about 8 glasses of water per day can make you burn about 96 more calories. Having it before meals can help reduce hunger and make you automatically eat fewer calories in your next meal. Caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and green tea, are also excellent during the HCG diet. The caffeine content can boost metabolism.

  • Cut down on alcohol.

Alcohols are a huge source of calories. Most of the alcohol is amounting to 150 calories every 12 ounces. Alcoholic drinks cause high blood pressure, high blood sugar and etc. It can affect your immune system. Allow your body to stop receiving too many calories by cutting your intake of alcohol.

  • Take smaller and more frequent meals

Studies have shown that having 5 to 6 small meals helps you curb hunger. This is a way of eating that there is no guilt. You can part your low-calorie meal into 5 portions. This will help you have something that can be easy to grab foods when you get hungry. It can also prevent overeating and reduce the impact of skipping meals. In addition, it can also help regulate your blood sugar levels. This will ensure that you stay energized throughout the day.

When is calorie cut down effective during the HCG diet?

Phase 2 of the HCG diet is the known period where you cut down your intake of calories. It is the part where the VLCD takes place. The purpose of this is to give the diet hormone to do its job in burning fats. However, it is not only during phase 2 that you will control your intake of calories. You are also required to control your intake of calories for the rest of the diet journey.

The 500 calorie intake is only during phase 2 and you are allowed to add your intake of calories after VLCD. However, the calories allowed after Phase 2 must not go beyond the border of “healthy eating”. This is for your body to successfully transition to a healthy eating protocol. Overall, you are not only cutting down your intake of calories during Phase 2 but also for the rest of the diet phase.

Phase 2 or VLCD of the HCG diet

The very low-calorie diet comes right after your loading phase. You can do this by cutting down your caloric intake into 500. The rapid fat burning and major metabolic resetting happen during this phase. You will also be adopting new food choices during the VLCD. You will have a new perception of food and eating. Phase 2 is also the time that you will transition into healthy habits.