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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


No matter how you dedicate yourself to lose weight, there will still be cases that you will gain it back. Do not consider it as a failure instead you have to make it a lesson to reach your weight loss goal. No matter how well you dedicate yourself to lose weight you will still be tempted by foods. This eventually causes weight loss stall or a possibility of gaining weight. One cause of weighty loss delay on the HCG diet is cheating.

Bouncing back to the HCG diet is as effective as your first try. However, this time you have learned your lessons. Make sure that your body is fully prepared to lose weight for the second time. This is also the time that your metabolic rate responds directly. You can also follow healthy tips to boost your metabolic rate during the round. The result of this round is the same as the result during your first try. However, you have to fully obey the diet protocol for greater results.

Tips in boosting your metabolism after cheating on the HCG diet

  • Increase your time of exercise

Light-exercise helps in maintaining your cardiovascular health. It can also help in boosting your metabolic rate. This is also helpful in burning extra calories from the foods you eat. Exercising can also help in speeding your metabolic rate. Thus, keeps it active for the entire day.

  • Load more on protein-rich foods

Protein helps in boosting your metabolic rate. It also prevents hunger and cravings from coming. Protein also keeps you stay energized and fueled for the entire day. Loading on protein can help in restarting your metabolism and maintain it for the whole day. It helps in maintaining your weight during the break.

  • Green Tea

Replace your unhealthy drinks with unsweetened green tea. Green tea helps your body’s metabolism to be more efficient. It speeds up your metabolic rate and improves your focus. You can have green tea nay time of the day. This is also a good start for your breakfast or before doing your light exercise routine.

  • Have the right time of sleep

You need enough time to sleep to boost your focus and brain. It also helps to improve your metabolism and digestion. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day to prepare your body. This is a good way to renew your energy and your brain especially when you are on the VLCD. Good sleep plays a big role during the HCG diet.

Major things you can do to bounce back on the HCG diet track

  • Continue to eat healthy foods- Choose healthy food choices such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables also have dietary fiber that prevents constipation. It also deals with problems in digestion and lowers your risk of diseases. Healthy food choices are also low in calorie and help you reach your weight loss goal.
  • Meet with a medical doctor- This is done when you will restart your HCG diet. The second round happens when the corrective measure does not work. Meeting a doctor is for your body to be assessed again before starting the second round. The medical doctor will also give you a go signal if you are ready to lose weight again. Make sure that you do not have pre-existing or life-threatening diseases.
  • Renew your weight loss goal- Have a goal that you can just slowly reach during the process of weight loss. Create a meal plan that fits the caloric requirements of the HCG diet. Refer to the HCG diet food list for your menu. Avoid the ingredients and food condiments that may affect your weight loss process.
  • Go back to loading phase- The loading phase involves eating as many healthy fats as you can. This is to increase your fat reserves in preparation for the VLCD. Do not neglect this phase because this is one of the keys to reaching your weight loss goal. Start loading with healthy fats for 2 days. You also have to start having the HCG shot once again.

How to successfully lose weight on the HCG diet?

  • Control your intake of calories- Limiting your intake of calories can help in faster weight loss. Liquid calories come in many forms. This is commonly found in various unhealthy drinks. The calories from unhealthy foods can store fats in your belly rapidly. You have to cut down your intake of calorie into 500 each day. Choose the foods that are on the food list. It has low calories and it can also help in burning your body fats.
  • Load more protein- Protein can help in muscle strength and maintaining your bone health. Protein choices on the HCG diet can help in lowering your chance of getting hungry during the HCG diet. The intake of protein can lower your consumption of calories and unhealthy fats.
  • Focus also in loading more on fiber-rich foods- Eating a lot of fiber can boost your digestion making it fats to burn unhealthy foods. These are commonly found in the allowed fruits and vegetables during the HCG diet. It can also give you a longer feeling of fullness. Thus, makes you feel less hunger and cravings for the whole day.
  • Maintain your HCG shot- The HCG is responsible for targeting the stubborn fats in various parts of your body. This includes the fats that are not burned by your past weight loss program. The HCG also works in resetting your metabolism and prevents cravings and hunger pains. Administer your HCG diet injection at the same time each day for greater result. 
  • Maintain a healthy habit- The HCG will not work if you are still doing bad habits. Start to adopt new habits on the HCG diet to successfully lose weight. This is important especially on the eating style. Healthy habits will help you stay on track of your diet. This is also helpful in adjusting quickly to your diet protocol. There is a bigger chance of success if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.