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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Boosting your metabolism can help you lose weight. You can also maintain a healthy weight through it. Boosting your metabolism is also a good way to stay healthy. Boosting your metabolism is more important than doing heavy workout and food deprivation. This is a good trick to your body to help lower your calories. Every effort gives an impact on the whole process. This means that you can always start small to reach your big goals. Boosting your metabolism will burn calories without spending too much effort on other things.

Metabolism is the process that helps you lose even more fats during the HCG diet. A healthy metabolism can also help your body gain more energy. It converts everything you eat and drink into energy. That is why you have to load more on healthy food for proper energy supply. There are various ways you can do to help the HCG boosting your metabolic rate. These natural ways can be part of your daily routine even after the HCG diet.

How to boost your metabolism during the HCG diet?

  • Eat a healthy breakfast every morning

A healthy breakfast routine is allowed during the HCG diet. Phase 2 of the HCG diet only allows coffee or tea. However, the rest of the HCG diet phase requires a healthy breakfast. Eating breakfast early in the morning will quickly boost your metabolism for the entire day. This is a healthy jumpstart before doing anything else. Choose the foods that are listed in the diet food list. Start your day with a breakfast that has protein, healthy fat, fruits or vegetables. This will make a major difference with your usual meal.

  • Eat more protein

Protein can boost your metabolism. It helps you control your blood pressure as well as your blood sugar levels. This kind of healthy breakfast can help prevent you from snacking on foods. It also minimizes your intake of foods throughout the day. Adding protein in your regular diet can cause you to burn an extra 200 calories per day. High-quality proteins are found in lean meat choices and some vegetables.

  • Get more sleep

Deprivation of sleep will result in a metabolic deficiency. You can maintain a healthy weight if you take time to rest. Sleeping helps in controlling your appetite. It also adds up your energy. You do not have to eat a lot of unhealthy foods just to compensate for your energy. You only need to have a proper sleep.

  • Drink coffee and green tea

Both coffee and green tea have proven compounds that can help your body burn excess fat. It has antioxidants that can boost your metabolism. This has a similar effect on the coffee. Coffee and green tea is the best partner for your HCG diet. You can also match this with healthy food portions. Try drinking a cup of green tea or coffee whenever you feel the urge to eat. See if it can help you with appetite suppression. Avoid adding sugar to your coffee and tea during the HCG diet. Coffee and tea can actually help with the appetite suppressant effect.

  • Include a light cardio workout

Light-activity will aid your body to shake up dullness. It can boost your metabolism and allows your body to burn more fats. Light exercises as well can help in maintaining your muscular health, bones as well as your heart health. You can do it in 3 to 4 times each week in minimum duration. Make sure that your workout routine is not heavy to avoid stress.

  • Do not forget the HCG shot

Always remember that the HCG diet is not just about the foods you eat. This is also about how diet hormones work in your body. That is why you have to make sure that you maintain the HCG dose at the same time each day. This is because the HCG is responsible for resetting your metabolic rate that would lead to weight loss.

Losing body fats on the HCG diet

  • Cut your intake of calories – This happens during phase 2 of the HCG diet. The extreme cut down of calories is allowed as long as you maintain your HCG shot. You cannot cut your intake of calories without the HCG because it causes muscle loss. Maintain your intake of calories during the VLCD by tracking your food intake.
  • Pay attention to carb and sugar- The HCG diet does not allow sugar and carbs. This is because these are the main contributor to weight gain and obesity. Sugar and carbs are also loaded with calories. Make sure to read food labels and do not purchase the foods that have sugar and carbs in any amount. To successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle you have to follow the diet protocol.
  • Add a light exercise routine– Light exercise is not total-body strength training. You are only allowed to have light exercises. It helps in promoting and preserving your muscle mass. Light exercises also help in maintaining healthy muscle, heart, and bones. Thus, it lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Make sure that you are not hungry or tired when you do light-exercises. This is for you to avoid high-stress levels and emotional eating.

What goes RIGHT during the HCG diet? – Right eating, right time, right food choices, and the right amount

One of the most effective steps you can do in boosting your metabolism is eating right. It does not just help in elevating your metabolism but also on your health. You can lose weight fast through the help of HCG and food choices. Manage your food portioning to avoid eating too much. The food choices on the HCG diet will help in boosting your digestion as well.

Do not skip any meals to maintain the intake of calories. Each meal on the HCG diet is important for the nutritional requirements of your body. It can help in maintaining the rate of your metabolism. Healthy meals are helpful in the stabilization of blood sugar. You can continue your healthy eating even after your HCG diet.