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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The modern approach of the HCG diet is the derivation from the original protocol of Dr. Simeons. The original system only allows 500 calories per day on VLCD. The modern approach of the second phase increases calorie intake to 800 calories. You can also have more food choices compared to the original protocol for VLCD.

The original protocol of the HCG diet does not permit solid foods for breakfast. You can only have a cup of tea or coffee before you start your day. Its purpose is to have a smooth and fast weight loss while abiding with the 500 calorie protocol. However, this does not mean that increasing the calorie intake on the modern protocol is not significant. The “modern” approach of the HCG diet is as practical as the original one, but it differs with the duration.

Breakfast is essential to kick start your day. A nutritious, well-balanced breakfast gives the energy you need for the entire day. Eating a healthy breakfast will prevent you from overeating throughout the day. When taking HCG injections, you must eat healthy foods, especially when you’re starting the day.

The breakfast foods you can eat on modern VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Eggs– These are breakfast staples and useful to increase the feeling of satiety. Eating eggs in the morning maintains your blood sugar and insulin levels. It can also help in reducing your intake of food on your next meal. You can eat whole hard-boiled eggs and make sure you’re counting every calorie intake.
  • Coffee- Enjoy a cup of coffee every morning as soon as you start your day. Drinking coffee improves the alertness and focus of your brain. Coffee also enhances mental performance, and it contains high levels of antioxidants. The antioxidants can reduce inflammation and can even boost satiety. The caffeine in the coffee also improves metabolism and burns extra calories in your body.
  • Oatmeal- The ground oats in oatmeal; has unique fiber that brings benefits. Oatmeal helps lower your cholesterol and improves fullness. Take note that you can only eat oatmeal when following the modern protocol of the HCG diet. Oats contain high levels of antioxidants that aids in stabilizing your blood pressure.
  • Berries- You can eat a handful of berries for breakfast. These are nutritious treats that contain antioxidants. Berries keep your heart from diseases. Eating berries also help clear your blood vessels and airways for the smooth passage of nutrients. Berries are low in calories and high in fiber, which improves fullness.
  • Flaxseeds– Eating flaxseeds creates a feeling of satiety for a longer duration. Flaxseedshelps improve your insulin sensitivity. Eating flaxseeds protects your blood from too much production of sugar. Make sure that you grind them so that your body can absorb them properly. Flaxseeds protect your body from specific cancer.
  • Cottage Cheese– To get a high-value protein breakfast, you can eat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese helps in improving metabolism and satiety. A serving of cottage cheese along with berries is a satisfying breakfast meal on your 800 calorie intake.