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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet program on Phase 2 is about the low-calorie intake. You will be consuming protein, veggies, and fruits. You have to keep carbs and sugar off from your plate. When you follow the HCG diet program your exercise routine must remain easy and light. It’s because you have to be watchful with the energy that you are going to spend during the VLCD. Attempting to exercise too much during the VLCD may lead to dizziness, fatigue, and hunger. Patients who are following a heavy exercise routine make you hungry.

Can exercising during the VLCD boost weight loss?

Exercising is not the main reason why you lose weight during the HCG diet. You are losing weight because of your daily shots of HCG. The purpose of exercising is to help in burning excess calories. When calories are burned you will be able to lose weight faster. One benefit of the HCG diet is that you do not need heavy exercise to lose weight. In some cases incorporating exercise can interrupt your weight loss.

Can you exercise during the entire period of VLCD?

During the VLCD you can incorporate exercise for 3 to 4 times each week. You can do a light exercise routine such as walking, yoga, running, cycling, and swimming. These exercises will help you keep your muscle lean and fit. The light exercise routine does not affect weight loss or the work of the HCG. However, doing too much exercise even if it is light can cause weight gain. Too much exercising leads to high-stress levels and it stimulates your appetite to eat more.

When is the best time to start exercising during the HCG diet?

You can start incorporating an exercise routine as soon as the HCG is in your system. You can start it in your week to or week 3 of the VLCD. Forget about incorporating an exercise routine if you get tired. The HCG diet gives the same result either you exercise or not. The measure of success during the HCG diet is not about how much you exercise. It is all about the HCG dose and how does it work in your system.

What kind of exercise is acceptable during the VLCD?

The exercise routine that you can do during the VLCD is cardio exercise. Cardio exercise is an activity that helps maintain muscle and heart health. It improves your cardiovascular system. You can do these cardio activities such as walking, stretching, yoga, and planking. Cycling is also acceptable as long as you are not doing it too much.

What will you do when you exercise during the HCG diet?

When you incorporate an exercise routine you have to make sure that you are not hungry or tired. Exercising with an empty stomach consumes energy. You also have to avoid vigorous lifting, as it can lead to tiredness and muscle loss. Stop incorporating an exercise routine when you feel weak or hungry. Hunger comes when your body is in starvation mode. When you exercise too much it may add more load on your body and spend too much energy on it.