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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

Can You Continue With Your Medications While Doing the HCG Diet?

Generally, the HCG diet protocol does not permit unnecessary medications. It is because they can interfere with the mechanism of HCG. Nonetheless, it is essential to discuss your drugs and health conditions with your doctor. Visit your doctor for an overall health assessment to ensure you are ready for the diet.

The goal of the HCG diet is to improve your overall health and not to make it worst. When you are taking medically supervised drugs, you can continue them while using HCG injections. Nonetheless, expect slower results as most medicines can cause weight gain. Avoid stopping your medications without any instructions from your physician.

There are inevitable side effects of combining HCG with your treatment drugs. As much as possible, avoid using unnecessary OTC products on the HCG diet. Dr. Simeons mentions thyroid medications interfere with weight loss due to the low basal metabolic rate. You can discontinue thyroid medications during the HCG diet. But, inform your physician before doing so to avoid complications.

Diuretics are also not advisable while using HCG shots because they can produce inaccurate weight loss results. Any drugs that contain hormones can affect the HCG in burning fats. Avoid rubbing oils, ointments, cream, and topical oils because they can interfere with the HCG. Avoid cough drops, oral laxatives, weight loss pills, and other OTC vitamin supplements.

What are the Medications you can continue on the HCG Diet?

If medically necessary, you can continue taking:

  1. Medicine for hypertension. Ensure that you monitor your treatment with medical supervision to avoid health risks. You can also change the dosage of the HCG if it does not work in combination with hypertension drugs.
  2. Medine for diabetes. If you have diabetes before the HCG diet, you can continue with your treatment. You can expect slower progress on your weight loss but, it is better than doing nothing. Monitor your treatment with your doctor to stabilize your health.
  3. Medicine for asthma and allergies. If you have asthma or hay fever, you can take medications during the HCG diet. You can use triamcinolone as it has fewer side effects than other drugs.

Weight loss on the HCG diet can alleviate several weight-related diseases. Although it is not the Main treatment, it can help you get back on track. The HCG diet prohibits any form of self-medication unless given by your physician. Most of the dieters that suffer from high cholesterol and hypertension find recovery through the HCG diet.

Antibiotics on the HCG Diet

If you develop an infection, seek medical attention right away. You can take an interruption period on your HCG diet when your situation gets worst. You can also use oil-free topical cream solutions at the least possible amount.

What will you do if you Acquire Flu on the HCG Diet?

Drink an adequate amount of water to flush out toxins in the body. You can also make some vegetable broth to alleviate the symptoms. Ginger tea is also helpful to ease flu symptoms. But, when the Flu persists for a week or two, seek medical attention and isolate yourself.