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Can You Mix Vegetables on the HCG Diet?

The original protocol of the HCG diet permits you to stick to one type of vegetable per meal. Why? There is no specific detail on this but, most dietician believes that it has something to do with your calorie intake. Avoid mixing different types of vegetables in one serving to see promising results on the HCG diet. Vegetables are not similar on how it affects your metabolic rate.

The HCG diet is easy to follow and, it maximizes your results even though you are not exercising. Stick to the protocol to avoid overeating to reach your weight loss goal. Most HCG diet providers stick to one vegetable at a time to ensure that you are keeping up with the VLCD. It will prevent you from pitfalls.

There are several approaches and modification from the original protocol of the HCG diet that permits having two or more vegetables in one serving. It does not cause weight gain as long as you pay attention to the portion sizes. Combining vegetables in one serving is not something you can do every day. It is better to stick to one vegetable at a time.

Mixing Vegetables on the HCG Diet

The first thing you have to secure is to choose a vegetable that contains low calories. When you plan to combine several vegetables in one meal, you can remove the Melba toast or Grissini from your diet. It means that you can eat salad but avoid eating the permissible carbs until the next day. It will help you avoid eating more than 500 calories.

Ensure that you are aware of the number of vegetables that you will combine to avoid overeating. Avoid eating foods until you get stomach discomfort. Maintain your hydration to release excess calories and prevent fat deposition. So, when you eat carrots and lettuce, avoid adding cucumber and broccoli because you are more likely to eat loads of calories.

Tips in Eating Vegetables during the HCG Diet

  • Avoid eating one type of vegetable every day because it can trigger deprivation. Bland foods lead you to give in to food temptations.
  • Spice things up with Natural herbs and Spices. Avoid using salad dressings, creams, and unhealthy condiments.
  • Avoid buying canned vegetables because they contain preservatives and chemicals that can interfere with the HCG. They also have loads of calories that can cause weight gain.
  • When choosing vegetables, opt for organic and freshly picked products because they contain higher nutritional value. They do not have pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones, and chemicals.
  • Eat at least two servings of vegetables per day but avoid cooking them in oil or adding unhealthy ingredients to prevent weight gain.
  • Vegetable has the lowest calorie volume than meats. Technically, it is permissible to have a second round of lettuce and low-calorie vegetables but avoid getting to the point of overstuffing.
  • Stick to one type of vegetable when you eat after your cravings stop. It will prevent you from stimulating your appetite.
  • Ensure that you administer the HCG injections every day because eating vegetables alone does not make any significance in burning our stubborn fats.