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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet is a weight loss program that includes a low-calorie intake. The hormone converts the burned fats into an energy source. It is why you do not need lots of calories to stay on the go during the VLCD.

The HCG maintains the level of your vitality throughout the day. As soon as the fat-burning starts, it will supply power to your body. But some people may slump during the VLCD.

Here are the reasons why you experience low energy during the HCG diet

  • It is your first few days of taking your HCG shots. It means that you are starting your VLCD. When you feel less energetic on the first three days of VLCD, it is because your body is adjusting.
  • You did not do the gorging phase well. Energy loss happens when there is nothing on your fat stores to cover you in starting the HCG diet.
  • Loss of power happens when you eat unhealthy foods while you take your HCG shots. It happens because your blood sugar levels are sapping your energy.
  • Lack of sleep or high-stress levels can lead to fatigue. Ensure to get an adequate amount of sleep per day to avoid weight gain. Increasing stress levels can trigger your body hormones to add weight even when you eat little.
  • PMS and intense workouts also affect your vitality. Consider these factors before you blame the diet hormone for drive loss.
  • Underlying diseases such as low blood sugar. Before stepping into the HCG diet, ensure that you go through a thorough checkup. Let your doctor decide if your body is ready for the HCG diet or not.

How will you control energy loss during the HCG diet?

Try to use homeopathic vitamin B-12. It can boost your energy levels. Be careful when you are taking your HCG shots. Prepare something to eat in between meals. It can be fruits or breadsticks. Separate the fruit serving from your main meals on the HCG diet. It prevents energy crashes and low blood sugar levels.

Can you increase your HCG dose?

Increase your dose if your energy is crashing even when you tried parting your meals. Avoid increasing your dosage without valid reasons. Talk to your doctor first before adding your dosage. An unnecessary increase in dosage can ruin your progress. Ensure that you adjust it for the right reasons.

Can you exercise during the HCG diet?

Light exercises are permissible as long as you are not tired or hungry. Workouts or physical activities can consume your energy. Ensure that you have the strength to do it during the very low-calorie phase. The light activities that are permissible during the HCG diet are:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

You can also include home activities such as :

  • Pumping
  • Push-ups
  • Stretching
  • Cleaning
  • Dancing

Perform light workouts for ten to fifteen minutes three times a week. It is better when you do it every morning. Early morning is the best time for your diet routines. It is because you are not yet digging into your busy schedule. Take your HCG shots before you go out for an exercise.