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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Stopping the HCG diet on the wrong time has the worst consequences. It will affect not only on your weight loss but also in your body. The most obvious reality when you stop the HCG diet is a zero weight loss. This is because you are not allowed to stop your HCG diet too early. HCG diet has a protocol to follow and it is the key in reaching your weight loss goal.

How the HCG does help in weight loss?

The HCG is a natural hormone from the placenta of pregnant women. It is the easiest and safest way of losing weight without spending too much money. HCG has been used for many years as a weight loss aid. The HCG will target the hard to reach areas of your body and burn your stubborn fats. It will reset your brain for proper metabolism. The HCG is also responsible for curbing your hunger during the first few days of VLCD. The rapid weight loss is done along with healthy eating and healthy habits.

What will happen if you stop the HCG diet early?

  1. Your body will be immune to HCG

This means that HCG will not work on your body in your next try. Your body will resist the HCG and there will be no weight loss at all. If you lose weight in the first few days, you will just gain it back right away.

This is because you can only reach your weight loss goal through HCG. You cannot lose weight by cutting your intake of calories or doing hard work out. Heavy work out on your HCG protocol is not allowed because it will cause stress. The HCG diet is designed for you to lose weight healthily and safely if you follow each step of the diet protocol.

  • You will have improper metabolism

HCG does not just burn your fats but also it reset your brain for proper metabolism. It will signal your body to break down your body fats and make it a source of energy instead of the foods. This is when your rapid fat burning happens. Stopping your HCG diet early will not make any progress on your metabolism. This will eventually stop your weight loss.

  • You will gain weight over and over again

Improper way of doing your HCG diet will make you gain weight. Stopping your HCG diet will also stop the work of the HCG in your weight loss. You may lose few pounds but you will just gain it back immediately.