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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The challenging part of losing weight is how you prepare your meals. How the HCG shots work also relies on your cooking routine and the food you eat. You are unaware that your cooking method could impact your HCG diet. Adding preservatives and flavorings are cooking habits that stop you from losing weight.

The famous cooking habit that stops you from losing weight is using cooking oils. Cooking oils contain a large number of saturated fats that can stop you from losing weight. Most of the foods you can find around are cooked with oil. It is one of the focuses of the HCG diet to stop you from eating fried foods to continue shedding pounds. Other cooking habits that can stop you from losing weight are;

  • Measuring food ingredients by the eye

Do not cook your food without measuring them with the right equipment. Get a measuring spoon or cup and do not use your eye to estimate ingredients. Estimating food ingredients using the eye often results in having too many calories. It makes you overestimate ingredients and lead to slipping out of your diet track. Take note that even the smallest mistake could affect your HCG diet.

  • Making too much food

The HCG diet changes your appetite to allow you to be full even in fewer calories. Making too much food leads to binge eating. It also makes some of your foods go to waste. Make foods that are enough for one meal sitting. Overfeeding yourself can cause bloating and indigestion.

  • Tasting your food too much while you are cooking

Avoid eating too much during the preparation. Doing so will load your body with too many calories that make you fat. To prevent tasting foods while cooking, do not cook when you are hungry. Have a light snack while cooking such as eating an apple.

  • Using ready-made sauce

Any product that you bought from the convenience store has calories. The ready-made sauce has added preservatives and artificial flavoring. Ready to use sauce does not contribute anything to reaching your weight loss goal. They are one of the causes why you are gaining weight. Fill your pantry with fresh ingredients such as herbs and spices.

Alternative in cooking foods during the HCG diet

Healthy alternatives in cooking your foods during the HCG diet include boiling and steaming. You can also grill your foods such as lean meats. Instead of using butter and oil opt for a safe process to get most of the nutrients of your foods. Weigh and trim the visible fats of lean meats before cooking them. Make sure you are eating 500 calories daily during Phase 2 of your diet program.

Reaching your weight loss goal begins with changing your habits. Learn to prepare your meals using safe ingredients to avoid breaking your diet. What you put in your food during cooking has an equal effect on your body. You have to be wise with your food ingredients during the VLCD. Prepare and cook your foods at home to track the ingredients that you are using.