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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet is a safe diet protocol. This is created and designed for the betterment of the dieters. However, there are some cases of headaches in the first week of the diet. There are also cases of headaches in the midst of the VLCD. There are headaches that may last for a day or two. However, there are simple ways to stop a persistent headache. The HCG Injections itself is normal and made from a natural source. This is why it is safe for every person who does not have life-threatening diseases. This is the best way to lose weight rapidly to prevent diseases.

The headache in the HCG diet is because it searches for carbs as fuel. However, the HCG diet does not allow carbs. The brain can run for protein and fat. If the intake of carbs is stopped, the body must adjust to it. Carbs are simple and are very easy to convert as fuel. The HCG hormones will help the body and brain to adjust from the absence of carbs. It will allow a healthier way of giving fuel to the body. You are not anymore allowed to have bad carbs such as sugar, syrups, alcohol and etc. This causes weight gain and abnormal storing of fats. Manmade and processed foods have simple sugars. This allows the body to find comfort in eating.

The sudden cut off of this kind of foods can affect the body. It will send withdrawals into the body. The more you load on bad carbs in Phase 1, the more severe the headache becomes. If you are used to eating carbs, you will surely find hard in adjusting to the zero carb diet. Headaches are also caused by the body’s activity in pushing out toxins. The body releases out all the bad fuels that you have been feeding off. This will create fatigue, cravings, and hunger in some cases. This side effect does not happen to all and it only occurs in not so often situations.

To ease the situation, give your body a time to reduce the intake of carbs. This will allow you to successful carbs and fat burning process. Increase the protein intake if the hunger seems too persistent. Hunger causes headache, so better deal with it. Use the exact amount of the HCG diet injections. The exact amount of HCG hormones prevents hunger and craving attacks. If hunger is prevented it will be easy to do the HCG diet. the headache will also be avoided in a healthy way.