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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Constipation is the difficulty of passing your stools. It is a feeling of bloatedness and discomfort in your stomach. Constipation is a sign of irritable bowel syndrome, loss of body salt, or dehydration. Constipation is associated with irregular digestion during the HCG diet. This happens because you are not able to consume the right foods for the diet.

How to stop constipation during Phase 2 of the HCG diet?

  1. Drink enough water- The required intake of water per day during the HCG diet is not only for hydration. It also helps in digesting foods and keeps your bowel soft. Aim to drink enough water per day to be able to flush out fats, excess sodium, and toxins.
  2. Consume more fiber– Fiber-rich foods are great constipation relievers. It can help encourage bowel emptying. Fiber-rich foods improve digestion and the process of food in your system. Fiber allows more water to remain in your stool, making waste softer and larger. Valuable fibers are commonly found in the HCG approved vegetables such as spinach and celery.
  3. Drink warm coffee or tea – Drinking coffee or tea can speed up bowel movements. Tea such as green and black tea has laxative effects that speed up bowel movement. Caffeine in the coffee can stimulate the muscles in your digestive system to contract. This will eventually cause movement in your bowel.
  4. You can do light physical activities– You can increase your physical activity during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. The amount of physical activity you do daily can help get things moving. You can take a walk or jog briefly to keep things moving.

Does constipation cause weight gain?

Constipation can cause weight gain but it will just be gone eventually. During constipation, your body is not absorbing more calories or depositing fats in your fat stores. Bloating during constipation does not mean that you are gaining actual weight. You can deal with it by consuming more fiber or drinking an adequate amount of water.

HCG diet-approved foods that help in relieving constipation

  • Apple- This fruit contains several compounds that can help in dealing with constipation. Apple has high levels of water that aids in improving your digestion. Thus, helps i\with the flow of nutrients in your body.
  • Orange and grapefruit- Orange and grapefruit have properties that soften your stool. These are loaded with vitamin C that improves bowel movement. Oranges and grapefruit are also filling and watery. It improves the feeling of fullness during the VLCD.
  • Pear- This fruit is similar to apples. Pear is rich in fiber that improves digestion and flow of your bowel. Pear is low in calories and filling.
  • Spinach- This is high in magnesium and fiber. Spinach does not just improve fullness but also helps with constipation. Spinach is rich in fiber and has low-calorie content. This has been proven to have maximum digestive benefits.
  • Cabbage- This vegetable helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Cabbage helps flush out toxins from your body through a proper bowel movement.