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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

Dealing with emotional struggles with food during the HCG diet

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is defined as the tendency to eat in response to raging emotions. You eat in response to sadness, disappointment, stress or cravings. This is also referred to as eating as a means to alleviate stress. Emotional eating is also when you eat to express your emotions and be comforted with the foods. However, emotional eating is not just all about when you are in the downfall of your emotions.

This also happens when you are celebrating. It can happen during a birthday celebration, thanksgiving, and a wedding. You are carried away by your emotions and you are not able to track your food intake. The main goal of emotional eating is to enhance your mood and escape the emotions that are driving you negatively.

How does light exercise to aid in dealing with emotional struggles?

Light exercises will help in maintaining the tone of your body. It does not harm your HCG diet because it does not cause stress. You can start your morning exercise after a cup of coffee to shake off negative vibes. Swimming is also allowed as part of your light exercise routine. You can do light exercise 2 to 4 times each week. You can go back to your normal exercise routine after your HCG diet. The following are light exercises that are allowed:

  • Biking– This will help you in maintaining the firmness of your muscles. Biking can burn calories and help in shaping your waist.
  • Yoga- It is effective in stress management and lowers the risk of stress eating. It will develop your mindfulness which is important during your HCG diet. This is also helpful in maintaining your cardio health.
  • Jogging or running- This is allowed in minimal duration. It can help in burning calories and it helps the work on HCG in suppressing your appetite.
  • Walking- This is a simple way of burning calories. It preserves your lean muscle and raises your metabolism.

How to avoid emotional eating during the HCG diet?

  • Quit being an unhealthy-food lover

Change your entire perspective towards food. Being a food lover is not as bad as long as you eat healthy foods. Your weight loss depends on how you view foods. The HCG diet will help you improve your perspective towards food. Eat foods not to relieve emotional hunger but because you need to maintain a healthy body.

  • Be aware of everything

The unintentional weight gain is caused by simply being not aware of everything. Be aware of what you eat and do not come to a point where you become mindless. You should be aware of your surroundings when you are eating. Do not eat when you are doing something else. This is because it might not allow you to fully concentrate. This might keep you out from tracking your food intake.

Take a step in doing something about this. Try to track your foods as much as you can. Do not eat when you are not physically hungry. Try to be cautious with everything to avoid unhealthy food loading. Being aware of everything is the key to avoid emotional eating.

  • Shift your focus from the foods

 Instead of setting focus on the foods, you have to focus on other things. Quit thinking about foods and start recreating new habits. Instead of habitual eating, you have to do other things. You can do exercise or do other chores. Learn to handle your feelings. Do not do something that would worsen it. Voice your feelings out by doing other things instead of eating.

  • Rest and relax

Resting can aid in lowering high-stress levels. Lack of sleep is a huge factor in why you gain weight. It also affects your emotions and can actually trigger hormones in your body. This body hormone is the cause of why you gain weight naturally. Sleeping for 6-8 hours at least each night is super important in keeping your body at a healthy weight. Sleep can aid and boost your brain. It relieves the high level of stress and other unhealthy behaviors. Sleeping is the easiest and most relaxing tip to break a psychological blockage. Sleep plays an important role during the HCG diet. Sleeping renews your brain and energy you can use for the entire day

  • Make Small Changes

To begin your weight loss journey you have to take the first step. It is gradually changing your lifestyle. Set your weight loss goal and follow good eating habits. You can also create a weekly short-term weight loss goal that you can reach slowly. Always remind yourself that you do not have to be perfect in reaching your weight loss goal.

Common ways that help in losing weight during the HCG diet

  • Stay away from carbs- It has the same effect as sugar. Carbs have sugar, fiber and other content in one food. An effective way to lose weight is carb restriction. The VLCD and the zero carb diet are effective in the reduction of water weight.
  • Stay away from sugar-sweetened drink- A sweet treat is the best way to find satisfaction and comfort. Sweet drinks are the number one option for us to satisfy thirsty. However, it is not a healthy practice. Having sugar is adding more fats in the body. Drinking sweetened drinks is like drinking calories. Sugars are the number one contributor to belly fats in the body.
  • Track the food- always have a record of the foods that you have been eating. This will help you in tracking the weight loss. It can also help you determines the reason for weight gain. HCG diet requires each dieter to have a diet journal. This will keep a record of all the diet needs as well as the things that are not allowed in the diet.
  • Load more on protein- This can help you from loading too much food especially sugar. Protein can help in maintaining the muscle mass as well as the fullness of the stomach. This aids in the HCG diet weight loss because you will not feel any hunger. Protein is also one of the most important macronutrients needed for the body.