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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Fatigue can impact your living.  It affects your quality of life and causes a low level of energy. Fatigue can interfere with your productivity in your daily activities. It also affects your weight loss journey. The secret of dealing with fatigue is changing your lifestyle. Avoid getting fatigued when you start the HCG diet. Losing weight through the HCG diet also helps in improving your energy levels. This means that you are being protected from having fatigue.

What is fatigue and how does it affects weight loss?

Fatigue is exhaustion not just in the mental aspect. It is a type of exhaustion that affects your whole being. Fatigue keeps you out from finishing your work. This is generally a lack of motivation and energy in all aspects of your life. Physical and mental fatigue can affect your weight loss. It causes high-stress levels that will make you gain weight naturally.

Fatigue also affects your eating style and has a domino effect on your HCG diet. It can cause an eating disorder in which you might experience disruptions in eating. This will eventually affect your thoughts and emotions. The effects of eating disorders lead to weight gain. It is also one of the causes of obesity at a young age. People who are prone to severe eating disorder are those that are prone to fatigue.

How to deal with fatigue during the HCG diet?

  • Stay hydrated– fatigue causes your blood flow to slow down. However, water dehydration can help improve the flow of blood in your body. This constantly supplies nutrients all over your body. This will stop your brain from putting everything to slow down. Water can help you control your intake of foods. This is very helpful especially if you are on a very low-calorie diet. Drinking water before and after eating can help you with digestion. It takes you out from eating too much.
  • Load with proteins- Tiredness usually will wash your energy. You can eat a healthy protein along with fruits and vegetables. Protein promotes a relaxed and calm feeling. This counteracts the fatigue that is caused by your emotions. You can also avoid the late-night snacking by loading an exact amount of protein. It controls your cravings from calorie-dense foods. Thus, it curbs hunger and prevents you from starvation mode.
  • Take your breakfast- eating can give you fuel to get going. You can eat solid food during your breakfast until Phase 1 of the HCG diet. It increases your metabolic rate and prepares your body for fat burning. Eating breakfast is needed to energize your body. Breakfast is important especially if you are maintaining your weight loss on the HCG diet. It will help you eat less for the rest of your meal on an entire day. A balanced breakfast will help you shed more pounds during your weight loss.
  • Track your food intake- Tracking your food intake will not just aid you in stopping the effect of stress but also in weight loss. Make sure that the foods that you are going to eat are in the HCG diet food list. It can help in regaining your health. The healthy foods will start to work with the HCG in your body and burn the stored fats.
  • Load on healthy food choices- Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can before starting the VLCD. Choose vegetables that are leafy green and fiber-rich. Do not rely on alcohol or unhealthy foods such as the foods that are processed. Eating a well-balanced and healthy meal helps in reaching your weight loss goal.
  • Motivate yourself- Your weight loss goal will serve as your driving force to correct what is done. It serves as a reminder that you have to do more for your weight loss. Create a realistic weight loss goal that fits on the HCG diet protocol.
  • Break your bad habit- Look for an online guide or follow the diet protocol. Cut off your bad habits as soon or as early as you start the HCG diet. Stop eating foods with high calories, sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. These are the common foods that you will crave when your stress level is going high.
  • Have the right perception towards food- This means that you have to create a new point of view towards food and eating. Change your perspective on the reality of eating and its effect. Food is an aid to meet all the nutritional needs of your body. Therefore, foods cannot be a means or aid to treat high-stress levels.

Fatigue can be stopped by having healthy habits. You can do this by having a proper and balanced meal. You can also accompany exercise even if you are doing the HCG diet. Exercising is one way of teaching your body to stay active. However, you are not allowed to do hard exercises such as weightlifting and heavy workouts. This is because these exercises do not help with weight loss. It will just trigger the stress hormones that stop you from losing weight and may add your weight naturally.

How do light exercises help during your HCG diet?

  • Lowers stress and anxiety

It can improve your focus and mental health. This will help you focus more and be mindful of your diet. You can also learn to cope with your mood and feelings. One example of healthy light exercise is yoga that incorporates your weight loss. Make sure to have enough energy to do light exercises to avoid tiredness.

  • It lowers the risk of depression

Being physically active helps you boost your mood and brain. Exercises can help you renew your mood and stave off high levels of stress. Stress and pressure can trigger a high risk of emotional stress which leads to depression. You can do at least 10 to 15 minutes of light activities every morning.

  • It helps in burning extra calories

Extra calories are burned through the HCG diet. However, light activities or exercises as well are helpful. This is because light exercise can burn your extra calories through sweating. Light exercises burned extra calories from the foods you eat.