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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Being stuck in your house with the new normal is a bit stressful. It does not only affect your social life but also with your weight. A healthy weight is important especially during this pandemic. This is because the stability of your weight defines your health as well. There are good reasons for eating well or having discipline in eating. If you are suffering from obesity or overweight even before the quarantine period this is your best time to start losing weight.

Being stuck at home is not bad news at all. It may kill your social life but it will bring your healthy habits back to life again. Your home will be your comfort place not just to stay safe from COVID-19. It is also a safe place for you to reach your weight loss goal. This is because being at home you are also clear from hectic schedules. Working from home also affects your weight because of being comforted by unhealthy home-cooked food and lazy habits.

The HCG diet is a possible weight loss aid that can be done in the comfort of your home. This diet regimen does not require you to go to the gym and spend too much time on heavy exercise. The HCG diet is a natural weight loss aid that burns fats fast. The natural properties of the HCG are ideal for weight loss. It treats obesity without letting the patients undergo weight loss surgery. The HCG is combined with low calorie intake.

The P2 of the HCG diet

This starts on the third day of maintaining the diet hormone. Phase 2 is only allowed when you undergo the first phase which is known as the loading phase. The loading phase is a 2-day gorging in preparation for the VLCD. The VLCD or the very low-calorie diet only permits you to have 500 calories per day. The weight loss result will be visible as soon as the HCG fully takes place in your system.

The HCG changes your metabolism by reaching a certain region of your brain. This region of your brain is responsible for the metabolism and control of hunger. This will rest your metabolism and allows rapid fat burning. The burned fats will then be used as a source of energy. The stored energy is burned because of cutting down your calorie intake. That is why there is no need for you to eat too many calories. The HCG curbs hunger and cravings to avoid overeating.

The importance of maintaining a healthy weight

This is not just to improve your physical appearance. Weight loss is also important to curb the possible occurrence of diseases. Losing weight can also boost your immune system. It is one way of staying healthy and countering COVID-19. Your immune system is the target of the virus and other diseases. Through weight loss, you can achieve a healthier immune system. The healthy foods that you are eating during the HCG diet have vitamins, minerals, and other healthy properties for a healthier body.

Ways to stop quarantine weight gain

  • Stay hydrated

Water is one of the most important things when you lose weight. Hydration is important to avoid stocking water weights in your body. It can also flush out toxins that come from the burned fats. You can also eat fruits and vegetables that contain more fiber and water. It fills your stomach and prevents you from getting hungry.

  • Discipline your way of eating

Discipline in eating does not mean that you will ban all foods or depriving yourself. This means that you only have to get the important calories that are enough for the requirements of the VLCD. You must have discipline in balancing your intake of calories. At home, you have to choose small plates and prepare your food.

  • Avoid comfort foods from restaurants

This is also the time that you have to stop your habit of having foods delivered into your home. You have to make an effort in preparing low-calorie foods during the HCG diet. Make sure to have a portion of lean meat, vegetable, and fruit in each meal serving.

  • You also have to avoid liquid calories

This is often neglected that is why you are drastically gaining weight. The sources of liquid calories are the common drinks and beverages that you have each day. Liquid calories are not detected by your body and will eventually convert into body fats. Avoid fruit juices, soda, weight loss drinks, energy drinks, and even alcoholic beverages. The only allowed drinks on the original protocol of the HCG diet are water, unsweetened coffee, and tea.

  • Track your calorie intake

Your intake of calories must not go beyond or less than 500 calories. You can track your calorie intake by reading food labels. To be able to avoid slipping on proper calorie intake you must choose to have healthy food choices. The HCG diet allows having vegetables, fruits, and other freshly picked or organic products. Always refer to the HCG diet food list for low-calorie foods.

The advantage of using HCG or weight loss

  • There is no tiring gym schedule– continuous heavy exercise is not allowed during the HCG diet. On the HCG diet protocol, it already enough to have a short walk or jog as long as you are not tired or hungry. The HCG mobilizes fats naturally which results in sweating even without heavy activities.
  • You have more choices– The HCG diet is not a total strict weight loss protocol that leads to deprivation. The 500 calorie intake may seem strict but you still have more choices. As long as you are not eating foods that have carbs, sugar, fats, and unhealthy food ingredients.
  • There is a quick result- The results will come right away when you stick to the diet protocol. The result of the HCG diet is long-lasting and can fit anytime even if you are quite busy at home. This is also administered easily at the same time each day.