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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Detoxifying during the HCG diet helps in attacking the excess type of fat. Detox does not bring various nutritive roles in your body during your weight loss. However, it contributes a lot in reaching your weight loss goal safely. Detoxifying during your HCG diet works even without doing hard exercises.

The purpose of detox is cleansing your body from toxins. These are the toxins from the fats that are burned by the HCG. These toxins are caused by unhealthy foods that cause your body to store fats. Through detoxification, all the toxins will be taken off with the help of the HCG.

The benefits of detoxification during the HCG diet

Detox will encourage your body to burn more fats during the HCG diet. It can increase your immune system, body functions, alertness, and energy. Detox will help your body to do the natural elimination of harmful substances during the HCG diet. It allows the HCG to work in fat metabolism and in lowering your risk from various diseases. Detoxification can also help you with eating clean foods. It will give your body a break from the food chemicals that you constantly received. Thus, improves your body’s ability to lose more weight through the help of HCG.

How is detoxification being done during the HCG diet?

This is done through drinking diet-friendly juice. You are the one who will prepare the juice for detox. You can add lemonade on your water. Make sure to prepare a juice that does not contain sugar or other ingredients. You are only allowed to use stevia as a sweetener during your HCG diet. You can do a “lemonade-water” detoxification for one to three days. Eat the appropriate food choices such as fruits and vegetable.

Tips in detoxifying during the HCG diet

  • Control your intake of calories even after your VLCD
  • Choose various food choices on your HCG diet food list
  • Load more on fiber-rich vegetables, nutritious foods, and lean meat
  • Increase the time of your exercise routine during your P4
  • Do not prolong your stress and get enough time to rest
  • Take off sugar, fats, and calorie-dense foods

Detoxification is only optional for your HCG diet. You can do it any time you want but you still have to follow the HCG diet protocol. Detox can only help in taking off the unhealthy fats. However, it cannot help in rapid fat burning. That is why you still have to continue your HCG injections to reach your weight loss goal.