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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

Does HCG Diet have an Effect on Menstruation?

The HCG diet involves the daily intake of HCG injections for a faster weight loss goal. The hormone counteracts obesity and its effects on your health. Stick to the diet protocol to avoid pitfalls and delaying of the result.

With all the questions about the HCG diet, one of the common queries is; Does the HCG affect your menstrual cycle? What should women do when their period occurs during the HCG diet?

Women should stop taking the HCG during their period but continue the diet. There is no exact reason why you need to take a break from HCG shots during your cycle. Hunger is not an issue when you take a break during your period as the effectiveness of the HCG lasts for three days.

Does HCG Affect Menstruation?

The HCG diet recommends stopping your injections during your menstrual cycle due to hormonal considerations. While your body hormones are working on maturing ovaries, it causes fewer mechanisms of the HCG. Continue your VLCD and get back to your HCG shots when the period is over.

Other effects of HCG on your Period:

  • The HCG may cause your period to come early or late.
  • The HCG affects the heaviness of your blood flow during your period.
  • It changes your menstruation cycle and may also cause light menstrual flow.
  • The HCG also causes your period to be shorter or longer than usual.
  • The HCG may also cause spotting in the middle of your cycle.

The side effects of the HCG on your cycle do not come all at once. Everyone is unique and, the side effects of HCG vary from person to person.

How Menstruation Affect your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?

Menstruations are one of the interruptions to the HCG diet because of the natural process in the body. It slows down your weight loss, tiredness, and energy loss. Menstruation also triggers food cravings and causes water retention. These effects will last until your period is over. You can get back on track and lose water weights after your menstruation.

Hormonal Changes on the HCG Diet during Menstruation

Your estrogen level increases during your cycle and, it drops during ovulation. High levels of estrogen lead to the production of insulin and increase your blood sugar levels. As a result, you will gain weight. Take note that HCG is also a hormone from the body. It may not work well with the hormonal changes in your body during your period.

How to Control Hunger during Menstruation?

Eat protein and fiber-rich foods during the break period of your HCG shots to increase your satiety. You can also drink lots of water to stave off the food toxins that cause hunger. Ensure that you are taking your HCG shots at the same time each day to prevent starvation when your cycle comes.

What Will you do when you gain weight on the HCG Diet during menstruation?

Water weights cause weight gain but, it will be gone as soon as the menstruation is over. To control weight gain, you can incorporate a light exercise routine to shake off excess calories.