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Does Your Meal Time on the HCG Diet Matter?

Eating at the right time can make a difference in the HCG diet. Eating an unhealthy snack right before bed can cause weight gain. When your metabolic rate starts to wind down, it can give you a hard time losing weight. So, ensure to eat at the right time and choose healthy foods. Some foods are okay to eat whenever you want but ensure they are permissible during the HCG diet.

Eating on time can make a difference

For breakfast eaters, the HCG diet only permits tea and coffee during the VLCD. Administer the HCG shots as soon as you get up to kick start the mechanism of the hormone. It helps in suppressing your appetite and increase your energy during the HCG diet. Avoid skipping your breakfast coffee because it plays a role in completing the 500 calorie requirements during the HCG diet.

If you are a breakfast eater, divide the 500 calorie meal into five portions. You can eat some fruits in combination with your morning coffee or tea. But, ensure it does not stimulate your appetite during the HCG diet. Eat a healthy and balanced meal during meal time even though you are not hungry at all. Avoid prolonging your hunger because it leads to overeating.

Does eating on time matter on the HCG diet?

The answer is yes. It is advisable to eat on time to maintain the nutritional supply in the body. Maintain a proper interval of your mealtime to prevent overeating or prolonging your hunger. Make an eating schedule that you can follow throughout the day to avoid stimulating your appetite. Give your body time to process and burn excess calories and avoid overstuffing yourself.

Stop your habits of eating unhealthy foods before bed or when you have stress. Foods are not a healthy stress comfort because it triggers overeating habits. So, shift your attention to other activities that do not include eating. When cravings occur, you can read a book, take a walk around, play with your pet, or meditate. Try other activities that will get you out from thinking of the aroma and texture of foods.

How to maintain proper mealtime?

Eat protein-rich foods to maintain your satiety. During the second phase of the HCG diet, you can eat at least 200 grams of protein. It will make you less likely to eat more foods and, it can curb your cravings. Avoid eating high-carb foods to prevent intense hunger. Some protein-rich options on the HCG diet include chicken breast, beef, shrimp, crabmeat, and lobster. Remove the visible fats and weigh the lean protein choices before cooking.

You can also maintain proper mealtime by avoiding foods 3 hours before bed. Give your digestive system a minimum amount of time to digest your last meal. If you eat 3 hours before the meal, ensure it does not contain carbs that trigger hunger. Load more on fiber-rich choices to prevent spiking of your blood sugar. Opt for foods that can boost your satiety to prevent you from late-night snacking.