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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG injection is the most known option for HCG dieters. Injecting the diet hormones makes it faster to be absorbed by your body. Administering the HCG must follow proper and safe steps for the success of your weight loss. Administering an injection can cause harm if it is not done properly. That is why you need to gain knowledge in proper HCG shot to avoid any complications. You also have to avoid opening various container or bottles of the diet hormones to avoid contaminating of the solution.

One important thing in administering the HCG diet injection is to read the instructions. You have to know what step will come next to avoid improper dosage or administering. It is important to know that you cannot do the administering whenever you want to. This is because doing the HCG shot needs exact time and dosage to promote faster weight loss.

One of the challenges to the first-time dieter is remembering the HCG shot. There may be a time that you messed up and come to a point of restarting the diet process. However, you do not have to start all over again because there are tips you can follow to avoid missing a dose. A single shot of the diet injection can stay active in your body for 3 days. It will still circulate and continue to aid in fat burning. But, you have to administer the HCG injection as soon as you remember to balance the hormones that are working for weight loss.

Making up missing dosage does not mean you have to double it on the next day. You are only allowed to have a single shot every day. It is better to hold and wait until the next morning comes to avoid double dosing. The best way is to administer the HCG shot at the same time each day or morning as soon as you finish weighing.

What are the things you need in administering your HCG?

  • HCG diet kits This includes the diet hormones, needles, and syringes. The amount of the diet hormones depends on the duration of your weight loss. Make sure that there is no visible contamination or discoloring of the HCG before you administer it.
  • Alcohol wipes- This is important for clean and safe usage of the diet injection. You will need an alcohol wipe before and after you do the HCG shot. This is used to wipe the area or part of your body where you will inject the HCG.
  • Cotton- This is also needed to wipe dries the area of your body where you will inject the HCG.
  • Sterile Water- This is used in mixing solutions or medication. Sterile water prevents bacterial growth. This is only used once because the safety of the sterile water will degrade if you open it without using.

How to successfully do the HCG diet shot?

  1. Make sure to wash and dry your hands before you hold any of the diet kits
  2. Clean the area in your body with alcohol wipes and cotton where you will do the shot. The area of your body which you can administer best the HCG shot is the part where there are too many fats.
  3. Load your syringe with HCG and see to it that the hormone is not contaminated. Pinch the fat tissue in the desired area of your body. The most common area is the abdomen because you can see it if you administer all by yourself.
  4. Inject the small needle while you pinch the fatty part of your skin. Inject it in 90 to 45-degree angle.
  5. If your injection is completely inside your fat, push the plunger slowly
  6. Remove it slowly forming the same angle as to how you inject it
  7. Wipe the area or part of your body where you do the injection. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness before and after administering the HCG injections.
  8. Record the time and date of your daily shot in your diet journal
  9. Throw the needles and empty bottles in a safe place
  10. Keep the HCG kit away from the reach of children and pets

You can seek help to someone who knows how to inject if you are not comfortable doing it all by yourself. You can set a reminder in your room or phone to do the HCG shot if you often forget it. Avoid missing a dose to promote faster weight loss. The right dose of the HCG will promote faster weight loss and successful resetting of your metabolism. It can also help in curbing hunger by accompanying a healthy eating style.

The foods you must stop eating during the HCG diet

To avoid common mistake while on the HCG diet, you have to avoid various unhealthy food choices. You are not allowed to eat foods that are not in the diet food list. Stay away from processed foods because it can affect the work of HCG in burning your fats. It can also affect yours in reaching your weight loss goal. Fatty foods, carbs, sugar are also not allowed especially if the HCG is active in your body. Follow the HCG diet protocol for faster weight loss.

How to stop missing a dose of your HCG shot?

  • Wake up early

There are a lot of things you can accomplish if you will wake up early. You have to weigh yourself as soon as you get up and administer the after weighing. Administering the HCG shot and weighing yourself must be part of your daily routine. Waking up early is more beneficial because you are still not loaded with your hectic schedule. You have more time to do your morning diet rituals.

  • Set a reminder

You can set a reminder anywhere in your house if you are a busy person. You can use your computer, phone, or having a reminder board in your room. Setting a reminder anywhere is beneficial if you are a busy person.

  • Keep a record or diet journal near your weighing scale

Track your weight loss by having a record of your day-to-day weigh in. This can also help you stay reminded every day to have your HCG shot. Keep the HCG kit in your room where you can see it right away to avoid missed dose. Make sure to keep it away from the reach of children.