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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG injection can help you in keeping off hunger during your weight loss. However, there are things that can trigger cravings and emotional eating that will stop your weight loss. Your bad habits can light up the emotional triggers that will cause you to eat too much. You must always be mindful on your choices to avoid overeating. Pay more attention to the nutrition composition and balance eating during HCG diet.

Eating tips that will help you lose more weight

  • Load more on fiber-rich foods and stay hydrated
  • Stay away from carbs and sugar
  • Weigh your meat and take off visible fats before cooking
  • Always check the food packages before cooking
  • Only eat if you are hungry
  • Do not go beyond 500 calories during VLCD
  • Load more on healthy fats during your loading days
  • Control your food portion in each meal setting during P3 and P4

What are you going to eat during your HCG diet?

The food choices on your HCG diet are carefully chosen by Dr. Simeons. You are allowed to load more on vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and etc. You can also load on protein choices such as fat-free beef meat and chicken ribs. The composition of your HCG diet food does not delay the work of the hormones in your weight loss. These foods are also helpful in maximizing your weight loss. It will also help you in starting a new routine and eating style.

How much to eat during your HCG diet?

Each phase of the HCG diet has specific portion requirements. Phase 1 of your HCG diet allows you to eat as much food as you can to prepare your fat store for the VLCD. The phase 2 or VLCD is when your intake of calories is cut down to 500 calories each day. Phase 3 on the other hand, is when you will stabilize the weight loss. You will also start to add more food choices in a controlled amount. Phase 4 is when you maintain the weight loss. This is also known as the lifetime phase. Real foods are allowed in Phase 4 but, you are not allowed to eat processed products.

The eating tips on the HCG diet will help you in reaching your weight loss goal. Always refer to your diet protocol to stay on your weight loss track. Avoid cheating or skipping meals. Each meal is important for your body during weight loss.