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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Your exercise level during HCG diet is lowered. This is because exercise causes the body to get stressed. However, light exercise is allowed because it can assist your weight loss and cardiovascular health. You can lose weight on the HCG diet even without doing hard exercises. Exercise on HCG should be light and easy because your calorie is controlled.

How long will be your exercise during the HCG diet?

On VLCD you are only allowed to have at least 10 to 15 minutes light exercise in the morning. Doing more may consume all your energy that is needed for the whole day. The time of your light exercise will be added when you are in P3 and P4. You can usually have 20 minutes of your yoga, stretching or cardio after your VLCD.  This is because you will be adding more foods to your diet. It will help in burning extra calories. There are also some cases that light exercises will help you deal with weight loss stall.

What are the effects of an intense workout during your weight loss?

An intense workout is harmful because it will cause tiredness. This will eventually lead your body to starvation mode. It is the natural response of your body to tiredness. It can also cause stress that will eventually cause you to gain weight naturally. You can lose weight by exercising. However, you will just gain it back right away.

What are the acceptable exercises during HCG diet?

  • Biking- This will help you in maintaining the firmness of your muscle. Biking can burn calories and help in shaping your waist.
  • Walking- This is a simple way of burning calories. It preserves your lean muscle and raises your metabolism.
  • Yoga– It is effective in stress management and lowers the risk of stress eating. It will develop your mindfulness which is important during your HCG diet. This is also helpful in maintaining your cardio health.
  • Jogging or running– This is allowed in minimal duration. It can help in burning calories and it helps the work on HCG in suppressing your appetite.

Light exercises will help in maintaining the tone of your body. It does not harm your HCG diet because it does not cause stress. You can start your morning exercise after a cup of coffee to shake off negative vibes. Swimming is also allowed as part of your light exercise routine. You can do light exercise in 2 to 4 times each week. You can go back to your normal exercise routine after your HCG diet.