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Filling Foods You Can Eat After Exercising on the HCG Diet

Eat foods after working out on the HCG diet. Although the HCG only permits light activities on Phase 2, ensure that you maintain the balance of calories. The typical question is on what you will reach for after exercising? Eating junk foods or having energy drinks can counteract the efficacy of the HCG in your body.

It is essential to understand that dieting has lots of advantages overexercising. It is acceptable not to incorporate an exercise routine during the HCG diet than skipping your diet. There are several diet mistakes due to working out and, you can only compensate them through a balanced diet.

Stick to whole foods for your post-workout meals during the HCG diet. It will help you increase the tone and mass of your muscle. It is essential to eat meals after exercising to replace the nutrients and minerals that you release while working out. It also prevents fatigue, intense hunger, and calorie imbalances.

What are the Post Workout Foods You Can Eat on the HCG Diet?

  1. Chicken. When you exercise in the morning, you can eat roasted chicken for lunch. It is rich in protein and can increase your satiety. It also prevents muscle soreness after your exercise. You can have at least 100 grams of chicken breast to curb your appetite and manage your hunger. It prevents you from a sudden drop of your energy in between meals.
  2. Tuna. It is another convenient source of protein. You can eat at least 50 grams of tuna to replenish your energy. It also contains amino acids and healthy fats that maintain your cardiovascular health. You can eat tuna in combination with lettuce and other leafy greens. Pay attention to your calorie intake to avoid weight gain.
  3. Hard-boiled egg. You can have a hard-boiled egg for lunch. But, it is something that you cannot have every day. Eggs are protein options permissible when lean meats are not available. Be careful with the egg yolk because it contains fats that can interfere with your progress.
  4. Fruits. It provides loads of beneficial compounds and antioxidants that help you lose weight. Opt for whole fruits because they are rich in fiber. Nonetheless, avoid eating dried fruits because they already contain sugar and other preservatives. Dried fruits can interfere with the efficacy of the HCG. Fresh fruits contain vitamins and minerals that allow muscle recovery after working out.
  5. Drink some green tea. It contains antioxidants that help in boosting your mood and maintains your satiety. It also helps in hydrating your body after exercising. Green tea has properties that stimulate fat burning and prevents the accumulation of sugar. Opt for unsweetened tea than buying bottled tea in the grocery store. Sugar-sweetened drinks can cause weight gain during the HCG diet.

When you exercise on the HCG diet, keep the intensity low and avoid overdoing it. Take your HCG shots in the morning and drink a cup of coffee before you exercise. The HCG will increase your energy by converting the burned fats into fuel. As a result, you will have an extra boost for exercising. Avoid any physical activities when tired, sleepless, or hungry as it can cause weight gain.