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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Dealing with unhealthy food cravings during your HCG diet is challenging. This is because you will be dealing with your own desire for foods. If you will not deal with food cravings you will find hard to lose weight. Unhealthy foods are addictive and dangerous to your health. You have to stop your indulgences towards these kinds of foods to avoid future health problems.

Stick to natural food choices. These are foods that are freshly picked and do not have any harmful chemicals. Dealing with food cravings will help you stay on the track of your HCG diet. HCG diet is carefully designed to offer you a healthy weight loss. The healthy weight loss is only done as soon as you get through your cravings.

How to deal with unhealthy cravings on the HCG diet?

  • Cut down your intake of calories– This is more applicable during your VLCD. The cutting down of calories allows your body to have a break. Your body will stop receiving unhealthy food chemicals from your food cravings. Cutting of calories will also help you adjust and get used to a new eating routine. Restricting the food intake through the help of the HCG will reset your brain. This will eventually take off food cravings and hunger.
  • Avoid processed foods- Processed foods are the worst enemy of your HCG diet. It can increase your cravings towards junk foods. Processed foods will make you gain the weight right away. To stop cravings on sweet foods you can serve an exact amount of HCG fruit.
  • Eat several different foods- you can enjoy various food choices and recipes during your HCG diet. Indulge in the allowed foods during your HCG diet than on unhealthy foods. Make sure to follow your caloric requirements especially on your phase 2. Eating several foods will help your brain deal with cravings with junk foods.
  • Do not prolong your stress– Stress can somehow trigger food cravings. Prolonged stress will also cause weight gain. This is because your stress hormones will cause you to do emotional eating. Emotional eating is a way of finding comfort for food. The comforting foods are usually from unhealthy food choices such as junk foods. Deal with stress by relaxing, sleeping or meditation.
  • Stay hydrated– Water will fill your stomach and help you deal with cravings. It will also help in taking off food chemicals in your body from your unhealthy foods.