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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program
Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Controlling your portion sizes is one of the most important things that you can do for the HCG diet. There are several strategies that you can start applying today to help you control your portion sizes. Controlling your food portions you can dramatically lose weight through the help of HCG. Proper food portioning also gives significance in the work of HCG in burning your body fats.

Phase 2 of the HCG diet only allows 500 calories per day. That is why you need to be wise and careful in food portioning. Avoid having more calories than 500 calories per day. It’s because it may lead to weight gain or other weight loss struggles. There are safety tips that would help you scale down the size of your food portion during the VLCD.

Tips in getting the right food portion during the HCG diet

#1- Avoid snacking in between meals if you are not hungry

Snacking triggers your appetite and may stimulate your cravings. Avoid snacking on junk foods because it is high in carbohydrates. Junk foods can spikes up your insulin levels and then followed by a quick drop off. Snacking will make you more likely to overeat on your next meal. One thing you can do to deal with unhealthy snacking is to clear your food storage. You can also eat HCG-diet approved fruits instead of having unhealthy snack foods.

#2- Drink one glass of water 10 to 15 minutes before you eat

Drinking water before a meal will make you eat a lower amount of food. Lots of studies have shown that lack of water leads to overeating. That’s why you need to drink your water to avoid stimulating your appetite. Water helps you in maintaining fullness and prevents frequent occurrences of hunger.

#3- Use small plates

Using small utensil is one of the easiest ways to reduce your calorie intake and your portion sizes. Larger plates result in overeating because you tend to fill it with foods. Small utensils on the other hand have limited space just enough for the needed foods for weight loss. Using smaller plates is important especially when you are attending celebrations and parties while on the VLCD.

#4- Add vegetables to your plate

Make sure to have vegetable serving in each meal during the VLCD. The approved vegetables on the HCG diet are not calorie-dense. It only means that you can eat as much as you can as long as you follow the 500 calorie intake per day. You can pick spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and celery. However, you have to avoid mixing all kinds of vegetables in a single serving.

#5- Add larger protein portions

Increasing your protein portions is another way to avoid loading too many foods. High protein foods are needed during the HCG diet to avoid overeating. Protein is also helpful in the reduction of bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Thus, maintains the firmness of your muscles. Protein can also suppress your appetite and help you control your portion sizes.