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Four Habits that can Trigger Cravings on the HCG Diet

Cravings are sometimes inevitable when you are facing food temptations. You cannot control the food temptations, but you can manage your response to the urge to eat unhealthy foods. Sugar, fats, carbs, processed drinks, and other unhealthy treats can cause cravings. They are the typical pitfalls of the HCG diet. Avoid eating sweetened treats during the HCG diet.

The HCG helps in controlling your cravings and establish a healthy relationship with food. Some cases will trigger your unhealthy habits but, ensure to manage them. Avoid reaching for a bag of sweet treats or fried foods to avoid stimulating your appetite.

Prolonging your cravings is a habit that will ruin your HCG diet. Administer your HCG dose every day to avoid occurrences of food cravings and manage your habits. The HCG can produce appetite satiating effects and prevents you from binge-eating. It also burns stubborn fats and converts them into energy sources during the second phase of the HCG diet.

Hunger and cravings have almost similar signals in the body. Listen to your body’s signs before eating anything to avoid loading calories. Note that thirst can also send similar symptoms of starvation. When it occurs, ensure to drink a glass of water before deciding to eat. Avoid eating foods to alleviate your emotions because it increases fat deposition.

Stop These Four Habits to Manage Your Cravings during the HCG Diet

#1- Stop skipping your meals.

Eating few can cause a sudden drop and rise in your blood sugar. It causes intense cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods. Eating healthy meals can prevent you from craving cake, cookies, ice cream, and other unhealthy treats. You can also split the 500 calorie meal on the HCG diet to have smaller portions throughout the day. Ensure that you eat nutritious foods to maintain your overall health. Eating healthy meals on time prevents you from developing cravings during the HCG diet.

#2- Stop eating junk foods.

Salt and chemicals from processed foods can trigger cravings. Ensure that you are eating fresh and whole foods during the HCG diet. When you go for a grocery run, shop in the perimeter. Make a grocery list and stick to the permissible items in the HCG food list. Ensure that you are not hungry when you do your grocery to avoid buying calorie-loaded foods.

#3- Stop delaying your sleep.

Sleeping on time is beneficial during the second phase of the HCG diet. It reduces stress hormones and other causes of weight gain. Lack of sleep can trigger your cravings and slows down your metabolic rate. Ensure that you get an adequate amount of sleep per day to increase your weight loss. Avoid spending time in front of your computer, television, or cellphone after your dinner. Prepare your body and mind to improve your sleep.

#4- Stop digging on foods when you have stress.

Seek other coping mechanisms for dealing with stress than eating unhealthy foods. You can sleep, meditate, walk, play with your pet or read a book. Eating can alleviate stress but, it can increase your calorie intake during the HCG diet.