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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Normally when you start eating foods in Phase 3, you will start to crave. You will search for carbs and sugars. But you must avoid these kinds of foods. Focus on foods such as protein. Cravings are a nightmare of every hcg dieter. They struggle with sweet and delicious snacks. These usually lead them to hunger or hunger pangs.

What is the cause of cravings?
Experts say that there are physiological cravings. Our body wants a nutrient that we expect to get from food. Another cause of cravings is simply old habits. Some of it is caused by dehydration. See? Cravings have a lot of causes. Controlling it depends on a dieters discipline towards diet. Our old lifestyle causes us to snack a lot when we are hungry. In short, cravings are caused by both physiological and situational things.

How to crush out food cravings?
 Distract yourself- The food that you are craving is everywhere. You may find hard to stop food obsession. But in phase 3 of the HCG Injections, all will be corrected. If cravings strike during this phase, do something that makes you busy. Do not entertain cravings in your mind. You can do something that makes you forget about craving. Make yourself busy by arranging your shelf or cleaning your bed. This is an effective step to forget craving. You may also watch a movie or stroll around.
 Identify and manage the emotions- Identify if it is physical or physiological cravings. Eating is a response to a feeling. Control your emotions towards food. Diverse yourself if you tend to eat a lot. Phase 3 is weight maintenance, you must be careful of everything that you eat. Dealing with emotional eating can prevent you from gaining weight. Manage your feelings before you manage cravings. This is because most of the cravings are caused by emotions.
 Wait until it’s gone- Cravings usually last for a couple of minutes. You have to wait until it is gone. You can drink water to curb cravings. This will help you maintain fullness. Eating foods in response to craving will just cause you to eat too much. Wait until it is gone and grab an HCG diet snack. You can also grab fruits and veggies. Convince yourself to rely on the mind, not of feelings.
 Focus on healthy meals- Cheat days and cheat meals are hard. In order to stay away from deprivation or dread, choose HCG healthy meals. Stay on track as you indulge in the healthy meals. Tell your inner self not to give in to cravings. You can find any delicious meals in the HCG food list for Phase 3. Remember that you are on the Maintenance Phase. Having discipline in eating is an effective way to keep weight loss for so long.