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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program
Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG diet reduces the craving for alcohol and desires for sweets foods by blocking the reward centers in your brain. The reward center of your brain is where cravings and stimulation of appetite happens. When the reward center of your brain is blocked, you are less likely to feel hunger and cravings. The HCG is safe without severe side effects which is better for the treatment of weight loss and alcohol cravings.

What is in alcohol that is not allowed on the HCG diet?

Alcoholic beverages have calories that are not good for your HCG diet. During the calorie restriction phase of the HCG diet, you should be careful with every food and drinks you are loading. A single drink of alcohol already contains 100 calories. Aside from calories, alcohol also has chemicals and additives that can ruin your weight loss. It can also result in poor sleep and binge eating.

Stop drinking alcohol during the HCG diet because it cannot help in reaching your weight loss goal. . It can change your body’s way of burning your body fats. Alcohol intake also results in weight stall or plateau.

How does the HCG block alcohol craving?

The HCG allows your brain to block the alcohol-opiate receptors. As a result, it lowers your cravings for alcohol and other beverages. As soon as the HCG takes place in your system, it will start resetting your appetite. Drinking alcohol has lots of effects on your body during the HCG diet. It slows down metabolism which has a direct result on your calorie intake. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages such as carbohydrate-laden alcohol like mojitos, rum, and margaritas.

The effects of HCG in dealing with alcohol cravings

  • HCG helps in appetite reduction. The common effect of the HCG diet is appetite reduction which includes your appetite for processed beverages. When your appetite is suppressed, the HCG can start to deal with your body fats.
  • The HCG also improves cognitive function. Weight loss treatment using the HCG diet can result in mental clarity and results in having better food choices. Alcohol destroys cognitive function and affects a large portion of your brain.
  • The regular shot of HCG can increase your energy levels leading to productive activity for the day. Aside from lowering food cravings, it can also speed up your metabolism for weight loss. Alcohol consumes your energy and can cause fatigue. Through the HCG diet, your body will start to renew lost energy and improve body function.
  • Giving up alcohol through the HCG diet can help in hormonal modulation. The HCG diet can increase the hormone that is responsible for signaling fullness to your body. It sends signals to your brain that prevent alcohol intake. It also reduces hunger and improves your metabolic rate.

The HCG shots can improve your mood and focus which is destroyed by drinking alcohol. Improving focus help you cope up with binge eating and anxiety. Stopping your alcohol intake also improves your verbal fluency and memory. Gradually stop your alcohol intake before you start taking your HCG shots. Drinking alcohol during the HCG diet can ruin your weight loss.