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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

HCG Diet and Menstruation: What Should You Do?

The protocol of the HCG diet involves daily shots of hormones in combination with a very low-calorie intake. HCG is a hormone occurring in the body during pregnancy. It is also present in men’s bodies but in lower levels. Dr. Simeons develops the HCG as a weight loss aid for obese people.

The daily shots of HCG help you reach maximum weight loss and stabilize your health. Nonetheless, there are some cases that you need to take a break from taking the HCG. It is not permissible when you have an incoming surgery and other health emergencies. You also have to stop taking HCG when your menstruation occurs.

HCG Diet and Menstruation

When your Period occurs, your body releases the buildup of the lining of your uterus. As a result, you can experience bloating, headache, muscle pain, and mood changes. Menstruation can also trigger your cravings due to hormonal changes. Taking the HCG shots during menstruation is unnecessary as it affects the Natural process in your body.

The hormonal fluctuation during menstruation causes water retention and weight gain. When you eat sugar, salt, and other unhealthy foods, you are at risk of weight gain. Period bloating and constipation during menstruation can also cause weight gain. But, you have nothing to worry about weight gain as it will be gone when your Period is over.

Should you continue to take HCG drops during the menstrual cycle?

Taking the HCG during menstruation is not advisable as per the original protocol. The HCG and the hormonal changes in your body during menstruation can interfere with your progress. It is better to take a break from the HCG but continue your diet. You will not have problems with hunger when you stop the hormone during menstruation. The last shot of HCG remains active for three days and makes VLCD bearable during menstruation.

What will You Expect from your Weight Loss during your Period?

Weight loss generally slows down during the menstrual cycle. It is due to water retention when your body holds water weight. You can also experience a plateau but, it does not ruin your diet. Avoid food cheating during the break period to prevent depositing additional calories. The water retention and weight gain will be gone when your Period is over.

Some dieters also continue taking the HCG shots during their menstruation and, it has no adverse effect. But, the HCG works from person to person with individual differences. You can administer the HCG shots but take a break when it affects your Period. Taking HCG before your Period can also delay or advances your menstrual schedule. It interferes with the Period due to the changes in your body during the rapid weight loss.

Here is a short statement of Dr. Simeons about menstruation during the HCG diet:

During menstruation, no injections are advisable but, continue with the diet. It does not cause hardships until the Period is over. Patients can experience hunger when they fail to resume the HCG as soon as their Period stops. Starvation will also persist if they will not take their shots regularly.