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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

HCG diet-approved foods that strengthen your heart

The heart is an essential organ of our body and, it is responsible for pumping blood. A healthy diet keeps the heart strong and disease-free. Obesity affects your heart health and leads to severe illnesses. That is why weight loss is vital in maintaining cardiovascular health. Taking care of your heart involves weight loss and a proper diet.

Obesity and heart health

Obesity leads to the building up of fats all over your body. One of the ailments linking obesity is heart failure. Overweight increases your risk of having circulatory problems. The fat build-up in your arteries causes clogging. It leads to heart attacks and strokes. Hypertension is also one of the causes of obesity.

Heart health and the HCG diet

The HCG burns fats in your body and leads to rapid weight loss. It improves your heart health.  Losing weight through the HCG diet burns fats that causes clogging in your arteries. It lowers your risk of developing weight-related diseases. The HCG diet also helps in maintaining your muscle mass. The foods that you eat during the weight loss program are healthy.

What are the HCG diet-approved foods that keep your heart healthy?

  1. Fish. You can eat fatty fish in the first two days of maintaining your HCG shots. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that keep a regular heartbeat. The fatty acids help in preventing blood clots and high blood pressure.
  2. Leafy greens. Spinach and kale are examples of dark and leafy vegetables. The vitamin A, C, E, and K in vegetables improves heart health. Leafy greens have loads of antioxidants and nutrients that regulate blood pressure levels.
  3. Proteins. Include lean meats in your diet to help in maintaining satiety. Protein improves metabolism and fat-burning. During the HCG diet, you can eat at least 200 grams of lean meat per day. It lowers cholesterol levels. Lean meats also help in reaching your weight loss goals.
  4. Tomatoes. It has lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. they work together in maintaining a healthy heart. Tomatoes are one of the approved items you can enjoy during the HCG diet. It lowers your blood cholesterol levels and allows the HCG to burn your fats.
  5. Berries. You can eat berries as a substitute for sugary foods. They contain phytonutrients and fiber. You can eat a handful of berries during the HCG diet. They are low in calories and help improving satiety. Berries also improve digestion and gut health.

Benefits of having a healthy heart

A healthy heart pumps blood in all parts of the body. It aids in the proper circulation of blood that carries nutrients. A healthy heart lowers your stress levels. You can incorporate an exercise routine that improves heart health on your HCG diet. A healthy heart rate improves metabolism and weight loss.

Increase your intake of HCG diet-approved foods for weight loss. Control your portion sizes during the VLCD. Avoid eating foods that have sugar, oil, and carbs. Eating unhealthy foods increases your weight and risk of heart diseases. Ensure that you take your HCG injections every day to improve fat burning.