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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG diet is not a gimmick. It is a rapid means of weight loss. There is a lot of weight loss protocol that is full of promises. Most of them lose weight successfully but end up gaining it back. HCG is a hormone that is produced naturally. This is from a pregnant woman at early pregnancy. Weight loss is achieved through the hormones. The diet is done along with a very low-calorie diet. HCG diet Injections are effective in suppressing hunger. It helps the loss of muscle and bone. It only targets the stubborn fats and maintains the health of the muscle.

The HCG diet is done with 4 important Phases. This is a step by step process that hcg promotes fast weight loss. The meal plan of the HCG diet includes a portion of lean protein, veggies, and fruit. The meal plan is on 500calorie a day. The HCG diet helps in resetting the metabolism and lifestyle of a person. The transition of the lifestyle helps in weight loss and disease prevention. The phases of the HCG diet have the main role in weight loss. Phase 1 is the loading days. This is done to prepare the body for weight loss. This allows the body to be set for the caloric restrictions. The weight loss phase is known as Phase 2. It is when the VLCD took place. The VLCD of the HCG diet is a 500 calorie a day restriction.

After the weight loss phase comes the maintenance part. This part is when the weight loss goal is reached. The purpose of this phase is to make sure that you are capable of maintaining the weight forever. This is when you will load on more foods. Most of the foods are new to the body. This is because these kinds of foods are not eaten in the duration of VLCD. You must be very careful in this part. Stop seeking weight loss that has a temporary effect. Start doing the HCG diet as your weight loss strategy. The HCG diet is the best protocol for obese and overweight patients. Be careful of the HCG products that do not contain real hormones.

To-do list on HCG diet

  • Do some extra time to have a light exercise
  • Do check the meal portion and meal choices
  • Always keep the body hydrated
  • Eat during meal time—do not skip any meals
  • Grab a time to take a rest or sleep
  • Do not entertain stress and pressure