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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


There are two types of hunger that you can experience. This is physical and emotional hunger. Physical hunger is the real hunger that tells your body to eat. Emotional hunger, on the other hand, is the type of hunger that allows you to eat to comfort your emotions. Emotional hunger is the usual reaction of your body to cravings. You need to be aware of emotional hunger and its effects on your HCG weight loss.

What you need to know about emotional hunger on your HCG diet?

  • Emotional hunger is powerful and it comes instantly

You might easily get sudden hunger and push you to eat urgently. The urge to eat is one sign of emotional hunger. This demands instant satisfaction. You have to control and win over emotional hunger to avoid emotional eating.

  • Emotional hunger is when you want specific comfort foods

It usually makes you crave for junk foods, pizzas, chocolates, cakes, etc. These are the common foods that are loaded with calories and may stop your HCG diet. This is when other kinds of food seem unsatisfying until you indulge in your cravings. Emotional hunger will make you be satisfied and be comforted with the indulgence of unhealthy foods.

  • It often leads to mindless eating

It will allow you to eat too much and you are not aware that you overdo. Emotional eating will swipe off your focus on foods because you are enjoying it. This will often make you unsatisfied even if you are already full. You keep on wanting more and you will eat a lot without being aware of the portion of calories.

  • Emotional hunger is when you feel a hunger pain

This will make your stomach growls and this even won’t get out of your head. You keep on thinking the taste, smell and texture of the specific food. This will cause hunger pain if it is prolonged.

  • It is sometimes caused by constant stress

You have to stay away from constant pressure and stress. This is because it will cause you to find comfort in eating. Stress can be solved by having time to relax or sleep. Determine the root cause of the hunger so that it will not come back.

Stay hydrated because thirst is also often mistaken as hunger. Practice mindful eating by following the eating guide during the HCG diet. You also have to load on healthy food choices that are enumerated on your HCG diet food list. Avoid hunger on HCG diet by doing your HCG shot regularly.