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HCG Diet: Losing Pounds After the Thanksgiving Party

Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or attending one, the holidays will probably make you gain weight. This is especially true if you are following the HCG diet. Although following this diet for longer than forty days is not recommended, some people continue to eat this way after that.

Many people gain weight during the holiday season. You could gain 20 pounds or even more than your normal body weight if you don’t take caution. The reason is that many people overeat during this time of year, and the rich food makes them feel so good that they want to eat several times a day. But what should you do to avoid weight gain? Do you have to deprive yourself?

Tips to Stave Off Excess Pounds After the Thanksgiving Party

  • Make some reminders around you

Always remind yourself about your goals. You can put a reminder on your mobile phone and computer. so that it always stays in front of you. It prevents you from slipping out of the HCG diet track. Familiarize the HCG diet protocol to avoid things that interfere with the HCG.

  • Monitor your progress

Avoid getting discouraged if there is no progress because weight loss does not happen in a snap. Track your progress by weighing yourself every day. Avoid gaining weight by establishing mindful eating and proper food portioning. Record your progress on your diet journal. It helps in determining some gains or losses.

  • Do not eat carbs

If you want to eat choose something that is zero in carbs. Choose HCG diet proteins, veggies, and fruits. Carbs are less nutritious. Eat healthy foods that help the diet and help your craving. Plan and prepare meals ahead of time. After the Thanksgiving dinner, substitute the Melba toast and Grissini with fruits and vegetables.

  • Eat protein

Protein has a lot of nutritional benefits needed for weight loss. If hunger strikes on, you may load up proteins. Beef jerky is an example of protein. Make sure not to overeat and see to it that all the visible fats are removed. The HCG diet protocol permits at least 200 grams of protein per day. Ensure to weigh and remove the visible fats before cooking.

  • Load more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are your best friends. You can grab an apple, oranges, or grapefruits. Keep some in your bag when you go out somewhere. Grab them the moment that you feel like cheating. Fruits and vegetables can boost your satiety. It also prevents indigestion and weight gain during the HCG diet.

  • Have a timetable

By having a schedule, you will be more likely to meet your goals. You should lose at least two pounds after three months, or you should be able to do 30 pushups by the end of the first month. Keep going than sitting around all day instead of exercising in a few minutes every day.

  • Avoid eating in restaurants

Do not eat in restaurants even for one meal. Stick to the requirement of the diet. Foods in restaurants don’t fill out the needs of the diet. Unapproved foods can throw away the goal you want to reach. Stick to cooking your own meal.