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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Do you feel like you are drowning with stress? You think you can do anything about it? You constantly receive pressure from work or in the family. Stress may also from the demands of your responsibilities. You came to the point that you want to escape from your situation. Take note that stress has no room in the HCG diet. Managing stress must be part of the lifestyle. Be accountable for your lifestyle, emotions, and thoughts. These are the main sources that trigger stress. Stress management is about taking charge of every choices and action. No matter how pressured your life is, you still have to get up. You can regain control against stress the moment you fight for it.

Be aware that the effect of stress is not just in the brain. It can also affect the whole being. The number one target of stress is emotions. If stress comes, we usually find comfort through foods. This is known as emotional eating. People tend to eat too much to release stress. This is not a good response to stress because of overeating. Overeating because of stress is not allowed even in the loading days of the HCG diet. See to it that you are stress- free the moment you step into the diet. Most of all, stress is not allowed during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. Phase 2 is the 500 calorie meal routine each day. Stress eating can cause disaster in the meal portion. It can also affect the work of the HCG Injections.

Manage stress by relaxing the mind

If you feel constant pressure, give yourself a time to relax. Get out from the zone of stress and go somewhere. Find a place that you can have your quiet time. Stress comes in the brain that affects the whole being. This means that stress can be countered by relaxing the brain. Give yourself a time to think and reflect. You can also sleep to relax the brain. Dealing with stress healthily can help in maintaining the health of the brain. It will stop us from doing emotional eating.

Avoid, adapt, alter and accept

Learn to avoid things that cause stress. Say no to works that bother your mind. Alter or change the settings if you cannot handle pressure. Have a positive perspective on stressful things. Adapt to the environment. There are times that all you can do is to go with the flow. Going against the flow can sometimes cause stress. You have to accept that things do not go the way you expect it to be. Accept and clear your mind. Overthinking can cause too much stress. Take time to process things out.