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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

HCG Diet Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Maximize your HCG diet weight loss when you are dealing with obesity. Weight loss helps in reducing your risk of weight-related diseases.  The protocol is challenging because it requires shifting to a new lifestyle. Maintain your HCG injections at the same time each day.

The HCG works straight on targeting the stubborn fats in the body. But, ensure that you follow the protocol and avoid the causes of pitfalls. For maximum weight loss, stick to healthy foods. Maintain the 500 calorie intake while taking the HCG injection.

Tips for Rapid Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

  1. Follow the protocol. In losing the most weight while on an HCG diet, avoid losing yourself on the track.  Avid over-the-counter medications, lotion, and cosmetic products because they interfere with the HCG. The requirement on the HCG diet is to stick to the allowable things and not on the causes of weight gain. When you follow the protocol, you are more likely to reach a rapid weight loss.
  2. Ensure the HCG diet is under medical supervision. Choose the right provider of HCG and avoid the over-the counter-products. Other weight loss regimen does not work for you due to its unhealthy process. Avoid buying contaminated hormones and ensure you go through a medical check-up before the HCG diet. Seek doctors’ advice about setting the VLCD and incorporating the HCG injections.
  3. Avoid cheating. When you eat lots of food, it will lead to weight gain. Food cheating slows down your weight loss and increases your risk of developing diseases. It will not guarantee you maximum weight loss. Get rid of buying junk foods and high-calorie products in the grocery when you are under the influence of HCG. Cook your meals at home during the VLCD and even on Phase 3. It will help you maintain a healthy weight loss.
  4. Follow the injection protocol. Start injecting the HCG on the first day of your loading phase until you end the second phase of the diet. Avoid missing a dose because it will stimulate your appetite and increases the occurrences of hunger. When you miss a dosage, it will throw off your weight loss efforts and causes hormonal changes in your body. Take the HCG at the same time each day to ensure rapid weight loss.
  5. Maintain proper hydration. Drink lots of water during the second phase of the HCG diet. Water increases the detoxification effects of the HCG in your body. It flushes out toxins through your urine. Aside from water, you can also drink tea and coffee. Ensure that they are free from sugar, creamers, and other forms of unhealthy sweeteners. You can use stevia as a substitute for table sugar.

How Much Weight Can You Lose While Taking the HCG Injection?

The progress on the HCG diet is visible every day through weighing yourself. You can lose up to five pounds per week when you adhere to the protocol. The typical loss per month on the HCG diet is up to 30 pounds. Nonetheless, avoid comparing your results to other dieters because everyone has a unique outcome. One thing that HCG can assure; you will reach your weight loss goal.