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HCG Diet Tips on Intentional Eating Struggles

Obesity is prevalent in the US due to eating more calories and an inactive lifestyle. Americans are getting too many processed foods and lack an exercise regimen. The obesity rate in the US is increasing up to the present. It is another health concern aside from the COVID-19 cases. But, it is not only in America but in some other states that have surging cases of obesity in children and adults.

The struggles in intentional eating cause poor eating habits and cause weight gain. Intentional eating is advisable to ensure a healthy diet. But, most people are struggling with intentional eating due to the various food choices in the surroundings. Busy people tend to resort to restaurant-made foods and drive-thrus. Thus, they have no time in calorie expenditure due to tight schedules.

How to develop and intentional eating during the HCG diet?

Start with mindful eating or pay attention to your food during mealtime. It will help you savor and enjoy the food. Mindful eating can also help in tracking the ingredients of every food portion. Stay intentional about what you eat and why you eat. Mindful eating is a process-driven routine that can help in overall weight loss. Mindful eating helps manage your weight and keep your brain healthy. It will also help you track your nutritional intake throughout the HCG diet.

What are the benefits of intentional eating?

Intentional eating during the HCG diet can help you get rid of your unhealthy eating habits. It will assist you in establishing a healthy relationship with food. Thus, manage your eating style and prevents overeating. Intentional eating can help you get through the second phase of the HCG diet without other issues. It can also improve your overall health during the rapid fat-burning.

How to overcome intentional eating struggles on the HCG diet?

  1. Avoid binge eating. When you start the HCG diet, ensure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Binge-eating affects your habits and stimulates your appetite. It leads to overconsumption of calorie-loaded foods.
  2. Improve your mindfulness. Be mindful of the way you eat. Chew your food slowly because digestion starts in the mouth. Chewing your foods prevents indigestion and poor absorption of nutrients.
  3. Know your intentions when you eat. Is it due to cravings? Or, is it due to hunger pangs that signal your body to demand more nutrients to continue functioning?
  4. Administer the HCG injections every day to maintain a low-calorie intake. The HCG can suppress your appetite and improve your mindfulness throughout the program. It prevents you from eating calorie-loaded treats or drinking processed beverages. If you are struggling to maintain weight, start to adopt mindful eating habits.
  5. Make a grocery list from the HCG diet-approved and fill your pantry with healthy foods to improve your intentional eating habits. Buy foods for a week’s consumption to avoid wasting your money.
  6. Drink lots of water when you are hungry. It will prevent you from loading too many calories than the advisable amount. Water helps in maintaining your satiety and overcoming intentional eating struggles.
  7. Stop eating before you getting full. Avoid going for another serving during the VLCD to maintain the 500 calorie intake. Drink tea or unsweetened coffee to boost your satiety and improve mindfulness.