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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


There is a large population that is battling with overweight and obesity. Obesity is a medical condition of a person which carries excess weight and fats than normal. This body fat might affect your health and may the cause of weight-related diseases. Obesity usually affects your body’s mass index. The only way to end obesity is to maintain a healthy weight and proper diet. Obesity is not an easy thing to deal with. You will find it hard to lose weight if you will not undergo any weight loss surgery.

The HCG diet brings good news to the obese population. This is because it allows you to lose weight without spending too much. You do not have to undergo any surgery or spend more on weight loss drugs. The HCG is a natural aid for weight loss. It works in your body by suppressing your appetite. This happens when it reaches a certain region of your brain that is responsible for your metabolism. The HCG diet is done along with a 500 calorie daily intake.

The HCG diet protocol for weight loss

The HCG provides your body maximum protection. It protects your vital organs from any damage as you try to lose weight. Your body fats are useful during your weight loss. It is burned by the HCG and used it as the energy source on the VLCD. These fats are commonly found in your belly, thigh, and hips. The HCG will come in pace to get rid of these unwanted fats that allow you to lose weight.

HCG diet phase 1 to 4

  • Phase 1 or the loading phase- The loading phase is heightened calorie consumption. You are advised to enjoy as much food as you want during this phase. The loading phase will help you form your fats stores. You just have to enjoy guzzling the foods during this phase. However, it is better to eat lesser carbs in this part. The goal of this phase is to have as many fatty meals as you can.
  • Phase 2 or the VLCD- This is when the calorie is cut down. Dieters are only allowed to eat whole foods such as veggies and fruits. You can also include protein such as white fish and lean meat. The common foods that are allowed are apples, orange, grapefruit, and strawberries. The veggies are lettuce, cabbage, sprouts, cucumber, spinach and etc. It is important to load more on foods with high fiber content.
  • Phase 3 or the stabilization- You will not be doing the 500 calorie diet in this phase. This is when the food and calorie intake will be added in a minimal amount. You will be slowly adding some food variety in your diet. The main goal of this phase is to stabilize the weight loss. You have to be more careful because this is a tough part of the HCG diet.
  • Phase 4 or the maintenance phase- This is the lifetime phase or also known as the maintenance phase. You have completed the diet process and this is your time to maintain it.  You will go back to eating more food. However, you are not allowed to go back to your old eating habits. Stay away from processed foods and other harmful chemical. You can introduce back sugar and starches but in a small amount.

Tips in preparing for the fat burning on the HCG diet

  • Weigh yourself

Weighing will help you determine your weight loss goal. You will also be charting your progress along the way. It will keep you stay motivated along the way. Weighing is a healthy habit of tracking your weight loss. It keeps you motivated on the days that you feel like stopping. You will also need a weighing scale and food scale. The weighing scale will help you track your progress.

  • Take a before and after measurement

You can do this on the morning of your first day on the VLCD. This will help you in starting to track the onset result of your diet. You can provide a measuring tape to measure every spot. It will help in documenting your progress. The daily result of your progress helps you boost your motivation during the HCG diet.

  • Make sure to avail the right HCG supplies

Be careful with the fraud products in the market. Purchase the original diet hormones to save money and effort. Remember that you can only reach your weight loss through the help of HCG. Purchase your HCG supply ahead of time to be able to avoid a delay of weight loss. You also need to purchase a new set of skincare products. This is because you are not allowed to use oil-based cosmetics.

  • Make a shopping list of the HCG phase 2

You have to make a brief list of the food list before starting phase 2. You have to stock enough foods in your storage that you can have for the duration of your VLCD. Be familiar with the foods on phase 2 check the food list and keep your copy of the shopping list.

  • Create a healthy meal plan/menu

Create a healthy meal plan that includes healthy food choices. Plan properly your meal to have the right amount of calories. Fit into the 500 calorie diet daily. Creating a meal plan ahead of time will help you enjoy your foods. Your meal plan menu must have the entire food portion that you need to lose weight.

  • Throw away the junk foods in your storage

HCG diet is the perfect time to clean your cupboards of unhealthy foods. This is to keep you out of food temptations. Clean out your storage from processed foods such as junk foods and unhealthy drinks. Replace it with fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Prepare your meal ahead of time

Prepare your meal ahead of time to avoid prolonged hunger. A prolonged hunger will result in emotional hunger or cravings. You can also have fruits as easy to grab a snack. Make sure to prepare a 500 calorie meal that you can eat for the entire day.