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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


This is about getting through the first week of phase 2. During this week the body will go through transitions. The major transition is in metabolism. The system will be adjusting for the fat burning. This is when the body will start to depend on the HCG hormones in braking fats. It will be as fast and supply the needed energy of the body. The HCG diet will oversee the body for adjustment and fat burning.

The body will experience changes this week. You will start to shed pounds during these days. The system breaks the fat as fast as it can. The breakdown will be along with the release of toxins. The system will work together in flushing out the fats and toxins in the body. The fat will be used for energy source and the stored toxins will be released. It is important to drink an adequate amount of water. This is very helpful in cleaning the body from toxins. There will be a more physical change that will happen in the body.

Doing the HCG diet with a Professional is important. Phase 2 is a tough part of the diet. This is known as the heart of the HCG diet. This is done carefully along with the VLCD. You cannot do a very low-calorie diet without loading the HCG hormones. This is because the HCG hormones will be the one to aid in suppressing hunger. The professionals will help in managing the body if there are side effects. Don’t worry because HCG Injections has no severe side effects. There may be side effects that may come but not very often. Most dieter loses weight without feeling any side effects. The medical professional is the ones that will give the go signal if you are ready for the VLCD.

Before doing the HCG diet you must:

  • Plan things ahead- Planning ahead will keep you from doing a mistake. You must create a detailed overview of the dietary requirements. Prepare foods in advance to keep you from going out during VLCD. To succeed in this Phase you have to follow the diet protocol. The last thing is that: You are not allowed to cheat.
  • Explore The Recipes- Be a chef on your own. Be creative with your own recipes. Create a meal plan that revolves around the 500 calorie diet. You will be provided with food list that are allowed on the HCG diet.

During the first week, you have to adjust to the VLCD. Therefore, you need to start overcoming the craving. Think of many ways that will keep your mind in focus. No matter what will happen you have to stay on track of the diet. Think of your weight loss goal. Believe that this will have a great result.