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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Stress can trigger weight gain. It is dangerous especially when you are doing the HCG diet. This is because a high-stress level can trigger your overeating habit. This is because of the increased levels of stress hormones that will spike up your insulin levels. When your blood sugar drops it will be the time that you crave more on sugary foods. Other unhealthy foods will also be your comfort zone, especially on elevated high-stress levels.

During the HCG diet, you are not allowed to eat foods that have sugar and carbs. It is also not allowed to eat foods that are oily, fatty, salty, and even preserved foods. Most of these are the foods that your body will be looking for when you are stressed. The longer you have stressed the more weight you can gain.

Emotional eating and stress-related eating during the VLCD

Emotional eating is an unhealthy response in dealing with stress. It is caused by anxiety, grief, disappointments, and even failure. Stress eating is an excessive way of eating unhealthy foods to be able to seek comfort. During the HCG diet, you are not allowed to eat foods when you are stressed or there is emotional tension. This is to avoid the possible reaction of your body to eating. It makes you crave more or release your stress through eating foods.

Remember that you are only allowed to have 500 calories per day during the VLCD. If you eat in response to stress you might end up gaining weight. Boredom and anxiety can also cause excessive eating. This is because you have nothing to do, nothing to think of, and you are not busy. It gives a greater chance of you crave more on foods. This will lead to a total disaster on your HCG diet.

Effects of stress during the HCG diet

  • Stress can interfere with your body’s way of processing the foods that you are eating. It can lead to bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and stomach pain. This will cause your body to naturally end up gaining inevitable fats.
  • Stress can cause the rapid storing of fats instead of processing and digesting foods.
  • It releases a new hormone that delays the diet hormone. This will also cause immune problems.
  • It can cause low energy, fatigue, and dehydration. This eventually turns you back to your comfort foods which are not allowed during the HCG diet. Remember that you only need to consume at least 500 calories a day.

How to avoid high-stress levels during the VLCD of the HCG diet?

  • Find a silent place to clear your mind. Take a break from overthinking. You can also grab a short time to sleep or meditate.
  • Take a walk so that you can breathe fresh air. Instead of eating unhealthy foods, it is better to relieve stress by taking a short walk. Walking is one of the fantastic stress relievers.
  • Eat healthy food choices such as the foods that are allowed during the HCG diet. A poor eating routine increases chemicals in your brain and body that disrupts your focus and peace of mind.