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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet can cause several changes in your body. It does not only work on weight loss but also with other processes in your body. As you lose weight your metabolism and digestion also changes because of the hormone. There are cases that headache occurs while you are on the HCG diet. It sends pain in your head and over the back of your neck.

Why do you experience a headache during the HCG diet?

Headache during the HCG diet is caused by the metabolic process of your body. These changes can produce headache symptoms. Headache generally occurs during the first few days of the very low-calorie phase. This is when your body is still adjusting to new calorie intake. Headache may also occur when your body is adjusting to your HCG dose. It occurs when you start eliminating sugar, starches, and other dense food on your diet.

When does headache occur on the HCG diet?

The first couple of weeks are when headache signs will be the most dominant. Headache occurs at the beginning of Phase 2 because of the fuel source. Your body will tend to work hard to get fuel from fat stores. You also have to be careful in dealing with hunger. Headache can also occur when you prolong hunger during the VLCD.  

How long does a headache last during the HCG diet?

Headaches will not last too long. It will just be gone as soon as the HCG completely resets your system. Headaches will be gone when your body starts to reach your stored fats and converts into energy sources. The HCG will then boost your body’s metabolic rate and reduce food consumption.

What will you do to avoid headaches during the HCG diet?

  • Stay hydrated- Hydration maintains fullness and it improves your focus. Water is needed by your digestive system to support healthy digestion. It can also improve metabolism and reduces the risk of having headaches during the VLCD. Hydration reduces the severity of the headache. 
  • You can also drink coffee and herbal tea- These are some of the safe and guilt-free ways to deal with headaches during the HCG diet. Drink a cup of tea and coffee when you feel hungry or light-headedness.  Take note that you must not add sugar or other unhealthy sweeteners to your coffee or tea. Too much sugar and unhealthy sweeteners can trigger or worsen headache symptoms.
  • Have a better amount of sleep per day- Sleeping can ease your brain and other tensions. It relaxes your mind and renews your energy. Taking a nap can also improve your metabolism and flow of nutrients in your body.
  • Eat fruits- You can eat an apple or other HCG diet-approved fruits. Fruits are a better substitute for unhealthy foods. Fruits relieve headaches caused by hunger. It keeps your stomach full until your next meal. Take note that headache won’t last long during the HCG diet. As long as you have your daily shot of HCG you can avoid headaches as soon as possible. There is no reason why you will not do the HCG diet.