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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Choosing the right kind of carbs is best for weight loss maintenance. This is having the right portion and kind of carbs. The healthy carbs are good for maintaining the weight and for proper loading. You have to continue to load on veggies and fruits. The healthy loading must not be stopped even after the HCG diet. The fruits and veggies do not just maintain a healthy body but it also helps in proper digestion. Fruits and veggies are the main loading food. There are fruits and veggies that contain healthy carbs and helps in energizing the body. It is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.

High fiber foods are helpful in digestion. Drink plenty of water so that there will be proper digestion. Choose naturally green products. Stay away from processed foods forever. This is because the body is already cleansed from chemicals and toxins. After the HCG diet, the body is free from dirt and toxins from the foods that are been loaded before.  Stay away from too many carbs and sugar such as cookies, pasta, cakes and etc.

You can have brown rice rather than white rice. This is loaded with healthy properties. However, it must be eaten with moderation. It has fiber and a good source of vitamin. You can also have quinoa that has amino acids, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B. Nuts are also the best option of good carbs. It has balanced proteins and is good for the brain.

Be careful on loading with carbs because you might load too much. Maintain the weight for the rest of your life. Phase 4 of the HCG diet is when you can eat any kinds of food. However, you must be careful not to eat unhealthy choices. You are also allowed to do exercise or add more time with your exercise. This is to make sure that the weight loss is well-maintained even after the HCG diet.

There are more healthy carbs that you can eat after the diet. The main thing here is to load the food properly and have proper portion control. Do not go back to the old eating habits that caused you to gain weight before. The old eating habits must be gone forever because it is the cause of the diseases that may harm health. The healthy carb loading will help the body to get energy and to keep going. Always remember that you can always do the HCG diet anytime you want.