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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Carbs are one of the requirements that fuel the body. These are needed to make the production of energy be possible. Eating more carbs or sugar is not healthy. It will cause the body to store fats. It will affect the shape of the body too. There are two types of carbs: The complex and the simple carbs. Complex carbs are the better choices than the simple carbs. The simple carbs are the one that turns into sugar. To identify the sugar in the food choices are watchful of the “ose”. This is the end letters of different forms of sugar. The example of these is fructose, sucrose, and glucose. These ingredients usually appear on the food packages. No matter what kind of sugar form it is, it will surely add weight.

It is not easy to avoid eating carbs. The body will really search for it and even crave. However, the only thing to maintain the weight is to minimize the carb intake. Carbs appear in the food pyramid as part of the balanced diet. This is why we must be careful about our choices of carbs. During the HCG diet duration, carbs and sugar are not allowed. It is only allowed after the body is independent and is able to maintain the weight. Carbs will delay the work of the HCG Injections. It will also delay weight loss. Simple carbs are usually found in our favorite products. Sometimes we are not aware that we are loading too much of it every day. There are also times that we have it as part of our habit and routine. This causes the body and weight to become unhealthy. HCG diet does not allow simple or complex carb n any amount. After the diet, the complex carb is slowly added to the food choices. However, simple carbs are not yet allowed.

Do you have to avoid simple carbs forever? The answer is NO. There are also carbs that give benefit to the body. However, it must be loaded slowly and rarely. Simple carbs are usually taken from dairy products such as milk and other food that contains milk sugar. You are free to load on to these kinds of carbs as soon as the body’s weight is healthy. Fruits with sweet taste have also carbs. However, they are still healthy choices. It has fiber that helps the breakdown of sugar. Fruits are a good source of vitamins and other antioxidants.