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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


A lifestyle of habit change will give you a new perception of weight loss. You can develop a healthy habit while you are losing weight. It will help you in reaching your weight loss goal fast. Developing healthy habits is easy as long as you follow your HCG diet protocol. Healthy habits are helpful not just in your weight loss but also for your health.

Healthy habits require changing your view towards foods and eating style. You also have to let go of your bad habits to start a new one. You cannot reach your weight loss goal unless you carefully follow the diet protocol and healthy habits. Healthy habits help in improving your brain health, mood, energy, and overall health.

Healthy habits you can incorporate on your HCG diet

  • Do not skip your breakfast and the rest of your meal

Eat your breakfast especially if you are on the HCG diet. Take your breakfast even if it is coffee or tea during your VLCD. This is because it can help in refuelling your body. Breakfast will help the HCG in renewing your metabolism for the entire day.

Skipping your meal will cause an improper amount of calories. You are not allowed to eat lesser or more calories during the VLCD. Your HCG meal will help in meeting all the nutritional needs of your body for the entire day. You can serve eggs, fruit, and unsweetened yogurt, especially on your weight maintenance.

  • Keep tracking the food you eat and its ingredients

Track the food you eat at the time and amount you eat it. This will help you develop good eating habits on your HCG diet. You can use this habit for the rest of your diet and even after your HCG diet. Be careful with the food ingredients such as sugar, preservatives, color, and flavorings. Keep out from the foods that are high in sodium and carb content. 

  • Maintain your exercise

Light exercises such as yoga, walking or swimming can help you lose weight. These are allowed during your VLCD. However, you have to do light exercises in minimum duration. Make sure that you do not overdo it because it might consume your energy. Maintain and increase your time of exercise after your VLCD. This will help you burn extra loads of calories.

  • Be mindful on eating

Do not do other things if you are eating. You have to focus and be mindful in eating. This is to help you track the amount of food that you have been eating. Use smaller plates to be effective in food portioning. Only eat the foods that are listed on your food list. Being mindful in eating is one way of reaching your weight loss goal without meal cheating.