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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG is a hormone that is important during pregnancy. It is produced by the cells in a growing embryo. However, it is discovered by Dr. Simeons that using HCG can also help in losing a large number of fats. The HCG aids in rapid weight loss without any surgeries and heavy activities. It is a weight loss plan that combines daily shots of the hormone and 500 calorie intake per day.

Should men use the HCG for weight loss?

The production of HCG is more on women’s body but it is safe for men. The reality is that men also have HCG in the body yet it is lower levels than those hormones found in women’s bodies. This only means that men can be safe for the HCG diet and can use the HCG for weight loss.

How does HCG work for men during the VLCD?

The HCG shots work in men and aids in weight loss. It works by controlling a certain region in your brain to reset your metabolism. The effectiveness of the HCG does not change regardless of what your gender is. It still works in reaching and burning your stubborn body fats. It can also suppress your appetite so that you can eat fewer calories during the VLCD.

The hormone also helps in boosting your testosterone levels and alters thyroid function. The HCG also has other benefits aside from weight loss. It improves fertility and sperm production. Maintain the HCG shots every day at the same time. It can improve your muscle mass even without hitting the gym or other strenuous activities.

How much HCG should men take during the VLCD?

There is no specific amount that is set for men when taking the HCG. The normal dose of HCG for every dieter is from 125ius to 150ius. The dosing is dependent on how much weight you want to lose and the duration of the diet. You must have your HCG shots every day for greater weight loss. You will start seeing little progress on your weight loss as soon as the HCG will start to work in your system.

Is HCG safe to use for men on weight loss?

The HCG injection is FDA approved which is safe for both men and women. The maintenance of the hormone during the HCG diet is under medical supervision. You can only follow the diet protocol when you go through a thorough medical assessment. The HCG injection is more effective and straightforward than other HCG products such as HCG drops. Administer the HCG through intramuscular or subcutaneous. It penetrates right away to your body fats rather than go through digestion in your stomach.

How much weight should men expect to lose through the HCG diet?

There is no specific amount of weight that you can lose every day. The HCG diet leads to rapid weight loss each day. There are some records that you can lose up to 2 to 5 pounds per day when you adhere to the diet protocol. Take note that before starting anything you have to consult your doctor to verify everything.